PA GOP Endorses Barletta, Wagner, and Bartos

At the PA GOP’s Winter meeting, the state party voted to endorse Congressman Lou Barletta’s Senate bid, and the state Sen, Scott Wagner and Jeff Bartos ticket for Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

State House Speaker Mike Turzai dropped out of the race for Governor ahead of the endorsement process for Governor, leaving Paul Mango and Wagner as the two candidates vying for the endorsement. 

In an standing vote, the party chose Wagner.  The party approved of the choice of Bartos as Wagner’s running mate, endorsing his bid for Lieutenant Governor.  

“Its important in my business world that I surround myself with great people, Jeff Bartos is one of those guys,” Wagner said.  

“It is time for our party to come together,” Bartos said.  

The party began the endorsement process with U.S. Senate.  Barletta was the only candidate nominated for the office, with Southwest Caucus Chair Mike Baker, from the same region as Barletta’s primary opponent state Rep. Jim Christiana.  

The party endorsed Barletta by unanimous voice vote.

“It is time we put America first and not Washington first.  I have won this battle before,” Barletta said.  

“I believe in term limits, and Bob Casey’s 12 years are up.”  

The party chose to endorse Bartos over former state Rep. Gordon Denlinger and Dr. Peg Luksik.

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15 thoughts on “PA GOP Endorses Barletta, Wagner, and Bartos”

  1. Zakrey Bissell says:

    great choices people for picking these people for governor, lieutenant governor, and us senate respectfully.

  2. Luke says:

    The big bad Wolf is on his way out!

  3. Anonymous says:

    In addition to being a racist, anti Semite, and a bully, Scott Wagner has horrific judgement. He bankrolled a wholly unqualified and frankly idiotic candidate for York District Attorney. Will never vote for him again after that stunt.

    1. Ayooooo!!!! says:

      I didn’t realize Jonelle Eshbach posted on politicspa…

      1. Anonymous says:

        No, Dave Sunday is a clown. Widener law accepts anyone with a pulse.

  4. Blue Dog Dem says:

    Wolf just won re-election. I know many Republicans that will not vote for scumbag Wagner

    1. bob r says:

      ah yes, your antecdotal evidence is taken with a grain of salt. I know many dems who dont like Wolf. So bug off you offer nothing to this discussion.

  5. Louis Lack says:

    Turzai is the only person in pennsylvania that did not know he was going to drop out

  6. PA 07 Voter says:

    The GOP is now nothing but an extreme right wing party that is essentially running on a Nazi platform. Since 208, there is no difference between Nazis and the GOP.

    And all because we elected a black man to be president twice.

    “It is time we put America first and not Washington first. I have won this battle before,” Barletta said. That is Barletta saying that he wants to make America white and straight again. I’m white. I’m a proud gay man. I will fight every day against what the GOP is trying to turn this country into.

    1. PA 07 Voter says:

      *since 2008

    2. jmarshak says:

      Rhetoric like this is exactly why Trump won.

      1. Isaac L. says:

        People seemed pretty excited to take up the handle of “deplorable”. I guess they were happy they could finally be out in the open about being “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic — Islamophobic” and find a candidate who unabashedly represented them. You don’t have to blush about being called a racist anymore, now you can proudly call yourself a “Deplorable” and people will celebrate you for it, just like back when “America was great”.

  7. John says:

    Speaker Turzai is to be commended for withdrawing from the race. He honors and respects the decision of State Committee and sets an example of what candidates failing to receive the endorsement should do.
    Jim Christiana, Paul Mango are your listening? Republicans do not need a bloody primary, the need a united party.
    Republicans don’t blow this.

    1. Chris says:

      Voters don’t get a say?

  8. Mikew says:

    They endorse a racist for senate and a thug for governor. They should be proud.

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