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PA-Gov: Corbett Called “Dead Man Walking” by National Journal

Governor-Tom-CorbettGovernor Tom Corbett received an “Against the Grain” award today, although it’s not one he is happy to have.

In an article written by National Journal political editor Josh Kraushaar identifying what he considers to be the highlights of the 2014 election cycle thus far, Kraushaar had some less than confident words for the incumbent Governor.

Along side such “Against the Grain” awards as “most disappointing candidate” and “worst ad,” Corbett received what could arguably be the worst award possible: Dead Man Walking.

Kraushaar highlighted the fact that a Franklin and Marshall poll released earlier this month indicated that Corbett is currently trailing Democratic challenger Tom Wolf 47% to 25%, a 22 point margin. The poll also showed that only 26% believe Corbett has performed sufficiently well to deserve re-election and that he is unlikely to find support outside his base as only 8% of Democrats and 16% of independent voters believe he deserves re-election. His numbers among Republicans did rise to 53%, which, according to the F&M Poll, is an improvement from previous numbers.

Just 55% of his own party’s voters, though, support his reelection.

The National Journal piece pointed out that while other vulnerable incumbent GOP governors, like Florida’s Rick Scott and Michigan’s Rick Snyder, have seen their approval ratings rebound, Gov. Corbett’s have not been as helpful.

“The biggest question remaining for the governor is if he’ll be able to surpass Santorum’s reelection mark of 41 percent in 2006—one of the lowest totals for any incumbent not plagued by scandal,” Kraushaar wrote.

Gov. Corbett was not completely only in this category as Kraushaar extended honorable mentions to Representative Michael Grimm of New York (he of reporter threatening fame), Representative Kerry Bentivolio of Michigan, and Senator John Walsh of Montana.

15 Responses

  1. Massive taxes confront Pennsylvania’s every-shrinking middle class regardless of which major party candidate wins this election. Both these clowns are political hacks and I don’t believe a word either one says. Anyone with a brain in their head would vote for Ken Krawchuck, PA Libertarian Party candidate for governor.

  2. Theres still plenty of time for john wolfe to loose the elction beofore elecon day and guveneor cobitt will win the race and q get a nother term with a land slide vicktery.

  3. It is a little early to declare victory and leave the field. Tom Wolf has to not screw up between now and November and I am certain he and his people are fully aware of that. The other thing that needs to happen is not just electing Tom Wolf but also for the Democrats to gain enough seats in the Senate to give him a majority he can work with.

    Vetos are good. Ed Rendell did veto a “Stand Your Ground” like bill in 2010, but it would be good to actually get something done as well like a meaningful tax on the oil & gas industry to properly fund our public schools without requiring the constant increase in local taxes.

  4. The only question left in this election is whether Corbett will drag the Republicans so far down they lose the House and Senate. With the loss as big as expected he could drag everyone on the R ticket down with him in any close district

  5. Another way to look at it independent of the media generated label is whether or not Corbett has framed his message so that the general public sees what he has done or not done. Problem is, those explanations don’t readily fit into sound bites

  6. Really, ABCDEF? Well done, Chris! Unfortunately your posts might contain an accurate prediction for PA’s students. Then again, so many school districts have to raise taxes that young families may (wisely) flee the state.

  7. guvenor Corbitt aint nearly as badd as people hear say he is., he aint let no tax go up cept for gas witch we all know need to go up to pay for fixin roads and hiways and brdges.
    ythe votars in penna. are gonna reward the guv. by letting him stay for another term, cuz he doing a good job and also too that’s the way it works in penna. , with the partys takin turns as guvenor for 8 yrs at a time.

  8. So many reasons for Governor Corbett’s 2 1/2 year stint in historically low polls, so little time.

    Governor Corbett levied a massive tax hike on the middle class only – with his transportation bill. .

    Will not take Medicaid expansion money. Like it or not, it is the law of the land. All we have to do is apply. $600 million next year. After three years, the feds still assume 90% of the tab. Meanwhile the poorest among us suffer.

    Will attend gala birthday soirees hosted by gas companies, but will not enact a severance tax on gas even though it would make PA “just like any other state.” Gas companies will not leave, as there is nowhere to go without that tax. And the Marcellus shale is here. We are losing $600 million/year.

    Never even considered closing loopholes on sales tax. Another $300 million/year.

    Will not close Delaware loopholes. Another $300 million/year.

    Corporate and franchise tax breaks/welfare has not yielded job creation in Pennsylvania anyway, as the state has dropped from 7th to
    49th in job creation under Corbett’s watch. Might as well roll back some of those tax cuts. Will not do it.

    Of the 178,000 private sector jobs created since 2011, said rate being essentially flat considering the people leaving the work force, most are low-pay, no-benefit retail. People with two part-time jobs are counted twice.

    State budget records show that Governor Rendell left us with a billion dollar surplus in 2010. Three years of Draconian education cuts and 45,000 state jobs lost – we face at least a $1.5 billion dollar deficit. A majority of Pennsylvania’s 500 school districts have had to increase property taxes to compensate for lost state revenues. For the 4th year in a row, 75% are looking at staff/program cuts.

    Do not get me started on Attorney General Corbett’s Sandusky investigation, which made no progress until the day AFTER Corbett won
    the gubernatorial election.. There were 641,481.21.possible reasons for that. That was the number of dollars donated to fuel and finance Tom Corbett’s political ambitions since 2003 by Jerry Sandusky’s Second Mile Foundation, past and present board members, their businesses and families.

    Apropos of nothing, Governor Corbett personally approved a $3 million state grant to Second Mile, in July, 2011.

    Time for Governor Tom Wolf.

  9. Jim-

    As long as Wolf avoids waking up in a hotel room with a dead hooker, and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, he should have no problem defeating Corbett. 🙂

  10. Unless Tom Wolfe does something completely foolish, this race is over. Has been over for a year. Time for Corbett to drop out in order to help races down ballot.

  11. Hey Chris…go back to elementary school to learn grammar, spelling, words, etc., etc. What was that????

  12. davis daino you reely seam to hate goveonor corbitt for aint no reason. he’s doin a good job aint razed no new taxes like he promised. he gonna get a new term with a land slide just weight and see

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