PA-Gov: Corbett Fundraising Like An Incumbent

Gov. Corbett

As Governor Tom Corbett faces what will likely be the electoral fight of his life later this year, 2013 was a very productive year for fundraising.

Corbett brought in $6,818,978 during 2013, along with another $3.5 million that rolled over from 2012. He has $7,512,371 total cash on hand.

It’s 62% more than he raised at this point in the 2010 cycle. He raised $4.2 million towards his efforts in 2009.

The Governor received contributions from a large list of donors, including some of the most prominent business names in the state. Lance Shaner of the Shaner family for whom the PAGOP headquarters is named contributed $100,000. Al Boscov of Boscov’s Department Stores is a Democrat, but he gave $100K. Corbett’s biggest contributors, however, was John Templeton, a retired surgeon running a science foundation in SEPA, who gave $420,000, and H.F. Lenfest who gave $250K.

Central Pa. businessman John Moran gave Corbett a $47,000 helicopter ride.

The campaign also used their fair share of cash, ultimately spending $2,809,836 last year – 41% of the total amount he raised.

The state party and the Governor’s campaign were closely intertwined – a practice that is par for the course in both parties. His campaign gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to the PAGOP for salaries and related expenses.

The governor spent $428,000 for the services of the ad agency Brabender Cox, $95,000 on polling from The Tarrance Group, and thousands to various database firms. He spent $42,000 at a July retreat with campaigns supporters at Bedford Springs.

Full disclosure: Corbett’s campaign advertises on PoliticsPA.


5 Responses

  1. PAIndy-
    Does Brabender live near Sestak’s house in Alexandria, VA?

    Scott Walker won his recall election because even Democrats who didn’t like him (and wouldn’t vote for him otherwise), didn’t like the attempt to remove him in recall. So, the voted against “recall” as a practice, rather than for Walker himself.

  2. Power isn’t all that money buys…..
    Can Corbett buy the 2014 Governorship like Scott walker did with his recall election?

  3. Dear Mr. Diano: This one’s for you. John Brabender our acting Governor lives in Virginia horse country but runs our state. Employs Baby Brian Nutt (not to be confused with our Turnpike Commissioner-Big Daddy Roger Nutt). Talks moderation on MSNBC, but talks dirty in the Keystone State. Will provide strategic political advice to politically ambitious prosecutors. Love our PRINCE OF DARKNESS!

  4. Just some historical precedents: Rick Santorum did terrific fund-raising in 2006, and being federal he could not solicit the large gifts mentioned above. Santorum still went on to lose in the high double digits to Casey JR. He was able to raise an inordinate amount of dollars even against this strong challenger who led from the first poll. It is nice to know that there are some big donors that want to pay for Acting Governor Brabender’s ads; but this means nothing in the long run, except OUR DARK PRINCE will do very well indeed.

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