PA-Gov: Corbett Knew of ‘Inappropriate’ Emails

Governor-Tom-CorbettGovernor Tom Corbett was made aware of ‘inappropriate’ emails shared among his former staffers, according to his Campaign Manager Mike Barley.

Gov. Corbett said in Pittsburgh last week that he had no knowledge of any sexually-explicit emails when he was Attorney General. He also made it known that special deputy Geoffrey Moulton, who was hired by the Attorney General’s office, did not tell him of any such emails.

Moulton, a former federal prosecutor, interviewed Corbett in May 2014 as part of the investigation on how the Attorney General’s office, while under the leadership of Corbett, handled the Jerry Sandusky child abuse investigation. One month later, Corbett was cleared of any wrongdoing by Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

Mike Barley reversed course on the initial statement from Corbett, saying Gov. Corbett was in fact made aware of the emails only after the interview by Moulton.

In a statement Barley said, “To clarify, the governor did not have any discussions with Mr. Moulton during the offical interview regarding this matter. After that interview concluded, Mr. Moulton told the governor that emails were uncovered during the investigation that may have been inappropriate.”

The Tribune-Review formally requested access to the emails through the state’s Right-to-Know Law, although a judge declined its request.

According to Barley, “(If) he would have known about any inappropriate emails being sent, he would have put a stop to that type of activity immediately. He would never condone that type of behavior, and if these reports are true, he will be very disappointed.”

While unlikely to play much of a role in Gov. Corbett’s re-election bid, it does represent another distraction for the campaign. Wolf currently leads Gov. Corbett by wide margins in a number of polls and every day not spent chipping into that lead is a day wasted.

10 Responses

  1. Bob, please look into the cover up of kane’s sisters crashing of multiple state cars. This is the real story.

  2. When will someone finally investigate the cover up of the crashing of 3 state cars while intoxicated by kane’s sister?

  3. So. The Story here is – Governor didn’t know anything or have any involvement, but they are making a story out of it with a headline that misleads readers? Does Tom Wolf really want this job? He is going to get beat up on stupid crap like this? There are plenty of news worthy events to talk about that are more important than when the Gov was informed about this – considering it does not show anything inappropriate, unethical or illegal. Just that he is an idiot.

  4. “Corbett likes sunshine even less than Count Dracula.”-DD

    Dang you David! Now I got coffee all over my computer!

  5. Dave Diano or anyone else that knows: Corbett said a few weeks back that he uses his personal email for business. Would not his personal email or the work emails be covered under the sunshine law?
    Just asking.

  6. Mr. Corpbut …My advice is what Jesse said….”Mr. White you don’t need a Criminal Lawyer you need a criminal lawyer!”

    Better call Saul!

  7. What a bunch of liars. ALL of them knew about it, LONG before the Sandusky investigation – they ALL knew about that woman’s sexual harrassment claim! They are all just trying to cover their backsides, hoping their names on the email lists don’t come to light. Corbett, as the amiable dummy that he is, might be the only one who was at the AG’s office who didn’t know – he’s not that good at that whole e-mail thingy, you know?

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