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PA-Gov: Wolf Administration Projects $318M Shortfall In His Budget

Tom-Wolf sadIt is going to be a tense few weeks while the General Assembly and Gov. Wolf work to pass a state budget.

The Governor’s administration has predicted their own budget proposal would create a revenue shortfall over $300M in the next two years, according to a report from Chris Comisac of Capitolwire.

While the Governor’s team is also projecting a $29M surplus in a year’s time, the huge shortfall in plans has made the General Assembly uneasy.

“It’s safe to say we’re not working off of these numbers, nor were they the start of negotiations with the governor about the budget,” Mike Stoll, spokesman for the House Republican Appropriations Committee, told Capitolwire.

Wolf’s budget proposal would create a $1.1B increase in tax revenues over the 2016-17 fiscal year, but expenditures are set to increase by over $1.45B. Much of the $318M shortfall can be attributed to a $170M recalculation of expenditures for the year by the administration.

“Legislative Republicans suggested much of the spending … is due to labor contracts with state employee unions,” the report states.

The fiasco in Harrisburg yesterday regarding Marcus Brown’s confirmation as police commissioner likely strained relations between the Governor and the General Assembly even further, just three weeks out from the budget deadline.

10 Responses

  1. Did you all forget the $2 billion Corbett deficit? Also, APC how long have you been paying attention? It’s completely normal for a Governor from one party to have trouble getting their appointees approved by the other party. That’s the way the system is SUPPOSED to work.

  2. If you are truly want to see Pennsylvania a great State again the Budget mess can only be achieved by good faith negotiations between the Wolf Administration and the Republican controlled House and Senate. Both have agendas. Special and Personal interest are also involved. The playing games, twisting the truth, and getting elected have to be put to the side. In true negotiations there should be no winners or losers. Making Pennsylvania a better place to live in should be the only consideration. People are sick and tired of the gridlock and paying for State Government that can’t get anything done.

  3. BJ-

    So, this includes $300 – $500 million in revenue projections that are really zero, because there is no way the Republicans (and paid off Dems) are going to vote for that tax. It would be cheaper for the oil gas industry to pay each member of house and Senate $1 million each with a suitcase full of cash. But, they don’t need everyone, and our legislature is for sale for far less (and most of the votes they need are already paid for).

    So, this means the gap is actually double. Oops!

    Maybe Wolf and “Fresh Start” should have spent more time helping down ticket candidates. Oops!

  4. David – yes, it includes Wolf’s severance tax. And the projected shortfall doesn’t even account for lowered expectations on that tax due to the drop in gas prices and decreased production that have occurred over the last few months.

  5. Does anybody else find it hilarious that we do not have an actual State Treasurer, a full Supreme Court or a State Police Commissioner because of the Wolf clown car?

  6. Rick, the Wolf budget as proposed with the increases is still that far short. Did you even read the article?

  7. Well it’s certainly less than the 2 billion dollar deficit in the last Corbett budget

  8. Wolf and his team are making Corbett look like the Governor we need. Time to take away the keys from some folks and send them to their room. The message isn’t working and they are making no movement on anything.

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