PA-Gov: Wolf Campaign Raised 13.27 Mil


Exceeding the fundraising numbers the campaign released in December, the Wolf campaign revealed that they raised $13.27 million.

In the middle of last month, the campaign boasted raising $2.9 million in addition to the $10 million that the Wolfs contributed themselves.

By the end of the year, approximately $3,270,000 came in contributions, $10,002,250 in contributions from Tom and Frances Wolf, making a $13,270,000 total in 2013 contributions.

“The campaign raised $3.27 million in 2013, and we have the momentum to keep growing our base of supporters in 2014. It is clear that his unique experience and background is resonating with Pennsylvanians,” said Joe Shafer, Wolf’s campaign manager. “Wolf is a successful businessman who has done things the right way – sharing 20 to 30 percent of his profits with employees, rejecting perks when he was the Secretary of Revenue, and saving his family’s business by investing in people.”

These numbers are still unofficial as campaign finance reports have not yet been released and these numbers come directly from the campaign.

Last week, Allyson Schwartz gave a preview of her 2013 fundraising as well. She reported raising $6.5 million for her bid, $3 million coming from a transfer from her congressional fundraising account.

Former DEP Secretary Katie McGinty is rumored to have raised between $2-2.5 million.

Also in the race for the Democratic nomination are State Treasurer Rob McCord, Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski, former DEP Secretary John Hanger, Lebanon County Commissioner Jo Ellen Litz and Cumberland County minister Max Myers.


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  1. I love the comments! Truth be told this is a 4-5 man/woman race. Wolf is certainly one of those who has a chance to win. He has the best campaign manager of all the candidates and some very experienced knowledgeable consultants. He has a the team and the money to deliver his message. With his funds, he could possibly get a 2-3 week head start in the paid media war. For those of you who are not experienced in politics, you can build a lot of name recognition and support when you are the only candidate on the air.

    Of the 8 candidates 4 come from the South East, and 4 come from South Central. The 4 South East candidates will split votes among Schwartz, McCord, McGinty and Pawlowski. From the top to the bottom the average is pretty close to the mean among this group. Now compare the South Central candidates. You have Wolf, Hanger, Litz and Myers. My guess is Wolf raised more money in one week than the others will raise the entire campaign. The South Central is obviously a much smaller part of the Democratic primary vote, but he will win the lions share. Regionally, he may come out even in votes with some of the South East candidates.

    So, this race will likely be decided by the voters in the North East and the West. Both regions are at best fickle and worst provincial, preferring their own brand of Democrat. Of the 4-5 contenders in this race who plays best with these two regions? Your guess is as good as mine, but you have to think Wolf’s ideology might be more closely aligned than some of the others. There is just too much time and too many undecideds for anyone who has more than twice the money of his nearest competitor to be written off. While money cannot buy the election, it makes it a lot easier to have your message heard.

    Here is food for thought, what happens to if someone from west of the Allegheny mountains gets into the race? It will make for a whole new ball game. If someone from the west is in, I will place my bets on Kate McGinty. Win, Place or Show is dependent on who else gets in.

  2. Why do employees unionize? To improve pay, benefits and/or working conditions.

    Employees who feel they are being treated fairly by their employer rarely see a need to unionize. Employees at the Wolf Organization enjoy 20-30% of the profits being shared each year; a Cadillac healthcare plan; a top-notch pay scale and other employee-centered perks.

    Tom Wolf’s business is not a union shop for one reason, his employees have never attempted to unionize. And if they had, Mr. Wolf would not have stood in the way of a union coming in.

    Wolf has the support of local union leaders which speaks volumes about his views on the issues faced by working families.

  3. Most of the unions hated Rendell (from his positions as Mayor of Philly) and strongly supported Casey against Rendell in the 2002 Dem primary. Casey was also a huge favorite over Rendell early in the process. And how did that turn out? I believe Rendell beat Casey by double digits in the Democratic primary. So…

    This year, the AFL-CIO will not support one candidate in the primary (too many of its member unions are split), and the rest of the unions are split among the other candidates.

    BTW, have the others run union shops? Were the PA Senate office, Congressional office, and women’s health clinic Schwartz ran unionized (there are health care worker unions)? No. Were the businesses McCord invested in as an entrepreneurial investor unionized? No. Were the businesses McGinty invests in as an entrepreneurial investor unionized? No. Is PennFuture (or any other businesses Hanger is involved with) unionized? No. Almost all of them have had unionized employees only when the positions were unionized before they were there.

  4. I think some unions might not warm to Tom for having a non-union shop, but others will see that he has a yearly profit sharing program and bought his company back in 2010 to keep those jobs here in PA. Those 2 things are more important in my mind. Tom has positioned himself very well to keep this momentum going. His success so far hurts McCord more than anyone else.

  5. He does seem like a outsider never held a political office before but i just cant see a guy who owns a non union business doing well with working familys across pa.i dont care if he has 50 million to many union households in pa he will finish 4 if he is lucky.

  6. Tom is from York County. Believe me – he is one of the most philanthropic and generous individual / business leaders anywhere in Pennsylvania.
    If he is elected Governor- he will do much much more to help disadvantaged and exploited workers to raise their standard of living. But to get elected- his personal wealth and his successful fundraising results are necessary to elevate his name recognition for the upcoming Primary.
    People should pay attention to his candidacy.
    A business leader who sees politics as a way to elevate everyone-p not just the privileged.

  7. Anyone willing to invest in his employees’ futures has got my vote. Tom Wolf is a most excellent example of the way life should and could be when folks with money do what best for those around them. Tom Wolf for governor!

  8. Give the $10 mil to the poor? The $10 mil can help a lot more people if he is the Governor rather than Corbett.

  9. if Schwartz doesn’t pull in $4 million then she is not the favorite in cash. As a sitting congresswoman and the presumptive front runner she should easily out pace all others in donations and fundraising.

    Get ready for a bloody primary.

  10. 10 million of your own money thats insane.should have gave it to the homeless and poor across pa. cause this guy doesnt have a chance to win.

  11. Not only did Tom Wolf cut a $10 million dollar check, but his campaign raised $3.27 million. That is impressive and must scare everyone else in the race.

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