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PA-Gov: Wolf Delivers Second Budget Address

Wolf-Budget Address 2016What a difference a year makes.

One only has to look at that subtitles of the Governor’s first and second budget addresses to see the change in his outlook.

In 2015, his speech was focused on “Schools that Teach, Jobs that Pay and Government that Works”. Those topics received one sole mention in the conclusion of the address.

Instead, the Governor’s 2016 speech was focused on the following bullet points: A Commonwealth in Crisis; This is About Math; What Hasn’t Worked; We Had a Deal; We Can’t Keep Digging; and A Path Forward.

Commonwealth in Crisis

“This will not be an ordinary Governor’s budget address,” Wolf pledged at the start explaining that he can’t give the standard budget proposal this year.

“I can’t give that speech. Not under these circumstances,” he stated. “My fellow Pennsylvanians: Our Commonwealth is in crisis. A crisis that threatens our future. And today, I want to be clear – with each member of the General Assembly, and with every Pennsylvanian – about the actions we must take to resolve this crisis, and the consequences we will all face if we don’t.”

This is About Math

Gov. Wolf made it clear from the beginning that he doesn’t view the issue of one of ideologies but one of simple arithmetic.

“The problem is not that Republicans in the General Assembly and I don’t see eye-to-eye,” Wolf asserted. “No, this crisis is not about politics at all. This is about math. Pennsylvania now faces a $2 billion budget deficit. That’s not a Democratic fact or a Republican fact. It’s just a fact.”

He then went on to list the various horrors that would be inflicted on the commonwealth’s schools and citizens if no budget is passed.

What Hasn’t Worked

Wolf then proceeded to lay the problem at the feet of years of inaction from officials in Harrisburg, specifically the education cuts instituted by Governor Corbett (though the Governor never named his predecessor).

“Let’s be honest about where we are and how we got here. After all, this fiscal crisis didn’t appear from out of nowhere. This was no act of God. We are in a hole we dug ourselves, right here in Harrisburg. And if the consequences I’m describing sound familiar, it’s because Pennsylvania has been building up to this moment for years.”

The Governor went on to scold the legislature for all the credit downgrades the commonwealth has been given over the last few years.

We Had a Deal

It’s clear Gov. Wolf is still peeved that his deal with the legislature fell through last December.

“While I was disappointed by the Republicans’ proposal, I wasn’t discouraged,” he said. “So I came to the table ready to talk. Ready to negotiate. Ready to compromise. It took months of bargaining. It took some painful sacrifices from both sides. But in the end, all that hard work paid off. We had a deal.”

Up to this moment, the audience was completely quiet as Wolf breezed through his speech.

He got one clap for mentioning liquor reform. “There’s one,” Wolf ad-libbed.

When he stated that House Republican walked away from the deal, though, he got a chorus of boos followed by applause from the chamber’s respective parties.

“But we still have a budget crisis,” Wolf continued. “That fiscal time bomb is still ticking. Our teachers hear it. Our parents hear it. Our seniors hear it. Our creditors certainly hear it. Do you? But the time for games is over. And now it’s time to finish the job we should have finished last year.”

We Can’t Keep Digging

In this section, the Governor asserted that he doesn’t care about the fissures in the House Republican caucus and is only concerned with getting a full budget agreement.

“It’s up to the people in this chamber to save Pennsylvania’s future,” the Governor declared. “It’s time for the people in this chamber to get back to work.”

The Path Forward

“The good news is that I still have my pen,” the Governor stated while pledging to sign the compromise budget if the House passes it.

“If you can’t agree to the budget reforms I’ve proposed, then help me find a sustainable alternative. But if you won’t face up to the reality of the situation we’re in…if you ignore that time bomb ticking…if you won’t take seriously your responsibility to the people of Pennsylvania – then find another job.”

The Governor also proclaimed that Pennsylvania’s citizens don’t care about the politics of the budget.

“Nobody in Pennsylvania will care one iota about the politics of a disaster that costs our Commonwealth so much. I refuse to let that happen. But I cannot stop this catastrophe alone. The people of Pennsylvania need you to do the right thing.”


“After a year as Governor, despite the overwhelming challenge we now face, I still believe in Pennsylvania,” Wolf concluded. “The possibilities before us are still limitless. A bright future is still within our grasp. I still believe in the enormous potential of our Commonwealth. And I’m counting on everyone in this chamber to do the right thing so we can fulfill that potential. I’m ready to do the hard work to build a brighter future for Pennsylvania. I hope you’re ready to join me.”

At the end, however, it remained clear just why this gap between the Governor and the legislature still exists.

“I am not asking people in this chamber to give up their political beliefs. I am asking that they join me in mustering the political courage to meet this crisis head-on,” the Gov stated at the start of his conclusion. “This doesn’t require anyone to walk away from his or her principles. It merely requires that we each declare that our highest principle is the responsibility each of us has to the people of Pennsylvania.”

The problem is that many of the men and women Governor Wolf spoke to believe that making the deal he seeks would compromise their political beliefs and be irresponsible to the people of Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately for the Governor, this issue can’t be solved with a pen.

30 Responses

  1. Wolfpack-

    I thought maybe they lent them back to him as an incentive to sign off on removing Kane (before they snatched them back).

  2. Who’s the idiot on the left of the picture? Is that the guy that’s against medical marijuana?

  3. Unger/HaHaHa — Reading comprehension isn’t your string suit, is it?

    I referenced your lucidity, not your balls.

    You are stupid.

  4. Oh look!! The retard troll is now focusing on Ha3’s testicles. He really is obsessed!!! He is a Ha3 Groupie.

  5. He might as well just cut off his own balls (if he has any) and give one each to the House and Senate leadership to play ping-pong with.

    They own the balls already

  6. LOL … Here we go again …

    I forgot that Jessica is one of the shill/trolls. So many screen names to keep track of!!!

  7. HaHaHa-

    I wish Wolf were that clever to gain some for selling out Kane. But, I don’t think he is.

    To throw out an elected AG whose not been convicted of anything (and facing trumped up BS charges), Wolf should be getting no less than his severance tax. (and 10% the first year, to make up for the 5% he should have gotten last year).

  8. HaHaHa–

    Psychological projection, also known as blame shifting, is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unpleasant impulses by denying their existence while attributing them to others. For example, a person who is rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude.

  9. Scranton Suck Boy is the same pathetic retard troll who uses 37 different screen names to spread his idiotic FOXtard nonsense.

  10. Scranton Sucks – your ignorance and racism are showing. African American Vernacular English is a linguistically recognized variety of the English language much like other Creole English language forms, with its own distinct vocabulary, verb tense, definable patterns relating to West African languages, etc. It’s different from the American English dialect and General American pronunciation, but it’s along the same lines of the Southern American English dialects.

  11. 570 Sucks — Tim is right. The Majorities in both Chambers are controlled by mouth-breathing hicks.

  12. DD – Something tells me Kane is being used in all this. The budget deal is probably tied into Wolf’s decision on Kane (if he ends up having a decision).

    My guess is that the Repervlican led Senate will get a couple D votes (people who have a horse – or pervert racist – in the race).

  13. Whistleblower-

    Wolf has demonstrated he’s a lap-dog who will roll over if they rub his belly.

    If he gives in on Kane (something they really want), without getting anything for it, they will own him even more. He might as well just cut off his own balls (if he has any) and give one each to the House and Senate leadership to play ping-pong with.

    If Wolf can’t get an extraction tax, he should ban fracking completely and not let any gas get extracted. But, he is totally in bed with the industry, expediting permits, and turning a blind eye to the environmental damage and suffering. Many PA aquifers are worse than Flint, Michigan, with chemicals that make lead look like medicine.

    Wolf could be a decent Governor with a legislature that had an ounce of humanity in the leadership. But, against these pricks, Wolf isn’t willing to do what is necessary.

  14. This was the most arrogant load of shit I heard in years. Unflipping believable. AMATEURS THE WHOLE WOLFPACK!!
    @ DDiano Do you think the wolf pack is smart enough to add up if they undo Kane in the illegal due process in the Senate they will go for His Excellancy next.
    What an idiot ” I have my pen ready” lmfaoooooo

  15. Katie-

    Wolf has certainly indicated he’s willing to deny Kane due process and throw her under the bus.

    If he’s going to sell her out he should at least get a budget deal for it. Signed, sealed, delivered BEFORE agreeing to remove Kane. He shouldn’t be so naive and foolish as to give them something that want (that is constitutionally dubious at best) without getting what he wants in return and in advance.

    Turzai might regret letting Wolf replace Kane with an AG who could/would/should investigate Turzai’s contributions from the gas industry.

    The are either stupid, paid off or both

    Scranton Sucks-
    Figures you’re racist. The only “black” think you probably like is coal.

  16. Hey Tim, I hate to interrupt your condescension toward legislators from rural PA, but have you happened to hear some our fine legislators of color from Philadelphia try to speak the English language? You may also have noticed that those are the legislators who pocketed envelopes full of cash. But by all means, continue bashing the honest ones from outside the cities.

  17. It’s too bad the majority of the idiot Repubtards in the state legislature are a bunch of uneducated rubes and huckabucks from Pennsyltucky. We’re a laughing stock. We have a bunch of stupid people running the state houses and they are controlled by REPUBLICANS!

  18. Did Wolf point out that these f*ckers in the Senate have time for a political vote against Kane but not to work on a budget?

    I really hope Kane’s office has started an investigation into Turzai’s campaign contributions from the gas industry before she goes.

  19. “If you don’t do your job get a new one”. Says Governor Wolf. Except Wolf doesn’t work for taxpayers. Wolf works for Wolf and his Pack.
    February 2015 he huffed and puffed I am the Governor do as I say. I demand you do as I say!
    No budget Veto total budget
    January 2016 after wasting Millions of our taxes by this veto, hurting all the kids, seniors, and even victims of crime across Pennsylvania. He puts his little tail between his legs and signs most of the republican budget.
    February 2016 huffed and puffed I am the Governor and everything is your fault. I will get you because I am perfect and everything is your fault. I demand you do as I say!
    Our state is broke, but we must give more money. Give give give….
    Governor wake up you have no power.
    November elections headlines will read Republican’s pick up 45 more houseseats.
    Notice when you watch Wolfs garbage address most reps of both parties were sleeping or playing on their phones.
    No ideas on how to run a state. Wolf reality is you are a loser…

  20. If House Republican leaders would have allowed a vote on the overwhelmingly bipartisan budget compromise, it would have passed as demonstrated by the successful vote on Second Consideration (and there were a bunch of No votes absent the next day when it would have and should have run on Third and Final Passage). It’s nice to see the Governor take the gloves off and not keep letting a few nutjobs push him around. A majority of Pennsylvanians voted for the Governor; he didn’t gerrymander that support. It’s time for House Republican leadership to get on board with restoring the cuts to education and balancing the budget without gimmicks.


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