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PA-Gov: Wolf Responds to Corbett’s Attacks (VIDEO)

Recently, Governor Corbett took the gloves off and began hammering Democratic nominee Tom Wolf. Well, now Wolf is fighting back.

In a new TV commercial titled “Take a Look”, the Wolf campaign responds to the ad the Governor’s team released last week in which the incumbent accused the front-runner of avoiding state taxes.

“Have you seen Tom Corbett’s negative ad with this actress?,” the narrator asks. “It’s just not true and more of the same from Corbett.”

The spot goes on to clarify that the Wolf Organization is headquartered, and pays taxes, in Pennsylvania. It also advocates for the Democrat’s plan for a severance tax on natural gas drillers to pay for schools, improving infrastructure and creating manufacturing jobs.

“Take a look at his plan for yourself,” the narrator urges along with a link to the nominee’s platform.

“Tom Wolf, a Fresh Start for Pennsylvania,” the commercial concludes, invoking the candidate’s slogan.

“Millionaire Secretary Tom Wolf is so desperate to hide the fact that he’s not paying his fair share of Pennsylvania taxes that he’s now running ads citing stories from early May to fact check an ad that just began airing in late July,” responded Corbett-Cawley Communications Director Chris Pack.

“He’s using carefully crafted language in his empty response to distract from the fact that he incorporated his company in Delaware so that he pays less in Pennsylvania taxes,” Pack continued. “If Wolf is so adamant that he’s not paying less than his fair share of Pennsylvania taxes, he should just go ahead and release his corporate taxes like he said he would. We just can’t trust millionaire Secretary Tom Wolf when he continues hiding and refusing to make good on his promises.”

4 Responses

  1. The real problem with Corbett’s attack, of course, is its massive hypocrisy. If Corbett were really concerned about businesses using the Delaware loophole, he would have urged the General Assembly to end it. Instead of doing that, he has accelerated business tax cuts while savaging services to the people of the state. Having been the governor of, by and for millionaires and big business, he attacks Wolf for being a millionaire and for heading up a business that might have taken advantage of Corbett’s loving attention.

  2. Its hilarious that Wolf is using quotes from May to frame an argument about an ad that was recently released about him. Add that to the fact that he vehemently denies that he is taking advantage of the Delaware loophole to avoid taxes for his company and won’t release his tax report to prove it wrong, I really don’t see how anyone could trust Wolf to run this state.
    Corbett for Governor 2014

  3. @Unsanctioned R: It’s because Corbett knows the only way he could possibly win is to bring down Wolf’s numbers and he isn’t getting enough outside groups to do it for him.

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