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PA-Gov: YouGov Poll: Wolf 52 Corbett 39

Tom-WolfThe latest YouGov polls have been released.

They show Tom Wolf with a 52% to 39% lead over Gov. Corbett among likely voters when leaners are included. Just 8% are undecided.

This is an improvement for Wolf from last month’s YouGov poll. That survey had the incumbent down just nine points (50% to 41%).

Wolf has a big advantage among female voters, 54-36, and is now in the lead among male voters, 50-43.

Two weeks ago Corbett had a five point lead among men, although his twenty-two point deficit with women has declined to eighteen points.

The other subset of voters that flipped from the incumbent to the challenger since the last poll were independent voters. They favored the Governor by a 4% margin last time but now Wolf has the 3% lead.

The Democratic nominee also leads across all races and all age groups (except for voters 65 and older).

YouGov uses an unique methodology but were judged to be the second-most accurate polling firm in the country after 2012. Their surveys have been done this year in conjunction with the New York Times and CBS News.

YouGov surveyed 3,111 respondents from October 16th to October 23rd. The margin of error is plus or minus 3%.

4 Responses

  1. @ DD:

    You can run, but you cannot hide; as anticipated, after you were confronted elsewhere, you persisted in discussing Voter-ID rather than attempting to rectify your prior gross-errors.

    Furthermore, after your lengthy subjective attack on advocates of Voter-ID were “answered” by a series of hyperlinks that contradicted your claims–objectively–you failed to reply.

    Thus, you have again demonstrated why you merely consider posting on this site to be “sport,” pursued to satisfy your desire for entertainment; this also explains why no one should take you seriously.



    Also, in military terminology, you have outstretched your supply-line regarding your defense of AG-Holder; “HIS ONE ‘DO OVER’: Holder regrets subpoena to Fox News reporter.”
    Your [reflex] defense of his having signed-off on the warrant [claiming inter-alia that James Rosen was a flight-risk] smears still more egg within the nostrils upon your face.

  2. Hi everyone, I’m Little Chris Martinez. No, I am not the same one who has been commenting here on PoliticsPA for the past few months. I am none other than his articulate and informed side of his personality. I sit on his shoulder everyday and act as his own Jiminy Crickett. Unfortunately, he ignores me all the time. I try to tell him to spell correctly when he types, use correct grammar and punctuation. But, he doesn’t listen. At 6:05, I tried to tell him again to stop posting another rambling comment. I said, “Hey Chris, you know better than to post something you know is not right. Those polls you speak don’t exist and you know it! The real, scientific, polls show that Corbett will lose. I want to educate you on politics but you ignore me!” Alas, Chris just rolled his eyes and flicked me off his shoulder. I fell to the floor, very disappointed in my pal Chris. Maybe someday I’ll reach him and get him more informed.

  3. Chris-
    I’m sure you’ll be here on Nov 5th claiming the election was fake and demanding a recount of the final tally of: 2,300,000 Wolf
    1,700,000 Corbett

  4. did pole is bogas and fake and it aint mean nothing cuz goevenore corbit aint gonna lose and he gonna win a land slide cuz he alredy bean goevenore for 4 yrs and the way it works in penna is goevenros can be guv for 8 yrs than they gotta let the other partys guy be gov for 8 yrs and back and forth, is the way it gos.

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