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PA-Lt. Gov: Koplinski Endorsed by LeSean McCoy (VIDEO)

Harrisburg City Councilman Brad Koplinski secured the endorsement today of Pro-Bowl Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy.

McCoy, the defending rushing champion, appears with the candidate in his latest ad, titled “Real Deal”.

“I have the endorsements of NOW, the Sierra Club, HumanePA, and this guy, LeSean McCoy,” Koplinski states in the ad.

“I tell you now, Brad Koplinski, he’s the real deal,” McCoy responds.

“As a Harrisburg City Councilman, I helped Shady’s hometown and I’m gonna do the same thing as Lieutenant Governor,” Koplinski pledges.

“So, vote for Brad on May the 20th,” McCoy concludes.

The Koplinski campaign stated that the ad is slated to run on Philadelphia TV this weekend. With the latest polling showing the race relatively wide-open the endorsement of the well-known and beloved Eagles star could certainly boost Koplinski’s chances.

Other Democratic candidates for Governor include former Congressman Mark Critz, State Rep. Brandon Neuman, Bradford County Commissioner Mark Smith and State Sen. Mike Stack.

7 Responses

  1. Brad has been to Monroe County 6 times in the past year, attending events (he was to both our most recent annual Mardi Gras events as well as our county dinners), county and club meetings. Not one other Lt Governor candidate has been here so I have no idea about the others, other than the couple of candidate forums I was present at. He is a dynamo. He is also the most progressive candidate and has the endorsement of the Monroe County Democratic Committee and the Monroe County Progressive Democrats club (as well as several other of our clubs). People wish he were running for Governor. Brad has a lot of support here.

  2. I have known Brad Koplinski for a long time and as far as understanding the issues that he can impact if he gets to office he is number one! He has spoken to audiences all over PA!

    Brad’s endorsements are based on people and organizations knowing his ability and policy expertise.

    He among all of them was first and as far as I know the only one to visit the entire county’s in PA.

    I frankly cannot predict who will win – I can only suggest who I believe is best in this position to add a real boost to what must be done when we defeat Corbett and Cawley.

  3. @PoorAllyson, I’m assuming you didn’t see the polling days. I like Neuman. He’s a great guy, but he’s not even in third, and he’s a sitting state Representative. Koplinski is third overall and is pulling second in most regions with almost half of the electorate undecided. Critz pulls right into Neuman’s base both geographically and in terms of issues (pro-life, pro-gun), and Critz has way better name recognition. So if you are looking at a Western Candidate, you are going to get Critz. (I’d rather Neuman, over Critz, but if you’re looking for numbers out of Western PA, you’re going to get Critz.)

    Brad’s a great candidate, a great guy. He’s been good for the party. He’ll be a great #2, which is the Lt Governor’s job, among other things. (Board of Pardons, etc.) Again, I also appreciate most of the other candidates as well.

  4. Who cares all of the adults and people who know anything are over on the Wolf thread. This race is over everyone’s voting for Stack and Neumann. Every time Koplynski does anything all we here are crickets. Boringggg. The action is on the 13 th and Wolf

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