PA-Lt. Gov: Smith Attacks Stack and Critz in New Ad (VIDEO)

Bradford County Commissioner and Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor Mark Smith unveiled his latest campaign ad today, which takes aim at two of his rivals.

The 15-second spot concerns the records of State Senator Mike Stack and former Congressman Mark Critz when it comes to abortion.

“I’m the only major candidate for Lieutenant Governor Planned Parenthood name pro-choice,” Smith states. “Because Mike Stack and Mark Critz vote against choice, risking women’s healthcare.”

smith neg adThe ad cites Stack’s vote for SB 732, which pro-choice advocates describe as the “TRAP law” because it has caused the closure of women’s health care clinics. Additionally, the commercial backs up the claim against Rep. Critz by noting his vote on H.R. 358 which prohibited federal funds from the Affordable Care Act from going to abortions (any federal funding of abortions is already prohibited by the 1976 Hyde Amendment).

While little polling has been done in the race, it makes sense that Smith would attack Critz and Stack. The former was a U.S. Congressman and the latter has the most money in the contest.

The commercial is set to run in the Philadelphia and Wilkes-Barre markets.

Other Democratic candidates for Lt. Governor (who probably resent not being considered “major candidates”) are Harrisburg City Councilman Brad Koplinski and State Rep. Brandon Neuman.


9 Responses

  1. Koplinski is our best, most progressive Lt. Gov. candidate. Voting for Brad Koplinski.

  2. Mark Smith is a smug hunk of crap. He isn’t even a legitimate candidate. He is running the same negative type campaign as McCord and is going to get crushed. Just think, you won’t be a “major candidate” in a week. You will be a do nothing commissioner in a crappy county and either Critz or Stack will be the nominee.

  3. Mr. Critz is the most positive person running for Lt Gov. He is pro life, pro traditional marriage, pro traditional gender roles, pro fracking and pro gun rights. When President Obama needed his support to detain people without charges indefinitely, to seize people’s personal papers and effects without a warrant, to harass and jail people petitioning their government for redress, and to execute American citizens without trial or even an indictment, Mr. Critz was there! When president Obama said that he would not prosecute the bankers and extend the Bush tax cuts, Mr Critz was there! When President Obama bombed Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and armed Al Qaeda in Syria, Mr Critz had his back. He represents all the great Democratic spending initiatives of this President: war and surveillance.

  4. This ad is a lie! Planned Parenthood also named Koplinski pro- choice and he is the only candidate who has actually done something to help Planned Parenthood when he wrote the Harrisburg buffer zone law to protect the clinic. AND he is endoresd by the Nathional Organizaiton for Women.

  5. I have no idea what Smith thinks he’s accomplishing with this ad. Is taking down Stack his viable path to victory? I doubt there are many choice voters in SEPA or NEPA for that matter how were voting for Critz but will change their minds based on this revelation.

  6. How can Smith have a record on choice as a county commissioner in a county where Rick Santorum won 56%, Toomey won 70%, and Corbett won 72%? Can’t wait to see Smith run for re-election for commissioner and see how the people like his stance on choice with numbers like that.

  7. If any of the candidates laid out all of Critz negatives he wouldn’t be able to run for dog catcher!
    He’s offended women, the lgbt, he supports drilling and has none of the dems values!
    He worked for a corrupt congressman and himself has a questionable work history that has been addressed in articles!
    Funny no one wants to really open up the book on him.
    Stack is the real threat in the race he has way more to spend on media and support!
    Neuman is the best candidate to help any democrat who claims to want to fix education and deal with the drilling issues!

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