PA Sen: Barletta Paints Casey as Ineffective in New Ads

A wakeup call.

Rep. Lou Barletta’s two most recent television ads paint opponent incumbent Democratic Sen. Bob Casey’s career as ineffective.

“I’m here to tell you everything Bob Casey has done as our Senator,” a woman says in the thirty second ad “Juggler,” which is followed by 25 seconds of silence. “I’ve got nothing.”

“Bob Casey being labeled one of the most ineffective members of one of the most ineffective bodies twice is just embarrassing,” said Matthew Beynon, Senior Communications Advisor to Barletta for Senate. “After 12 years in the Senate, the people of Pennsylvania have nothing to show from Bob Casey.”

The Barletta campaign debuted this ad just a couple of days after releasing their first attack ad on Casey titled, “Hero” that depicts a very similar message as the newest ad.  

“He’s been asleep on the job, only writing four laws in 12 years while making over $3 million,” said Beynon. “Now Casey’s asking the people of Pennsylvania for another six years? Give us a break! You didn’t do your job Mr. Casey, and now you need to reap the consequences.”

The two newest ads from the Barletta campaign are running on cable in Philadelphia and on broadcast TV in every other Pennsylvania market except for Scranton.

The Casey campaign fired back at the attacks in the Barletta ads and detailed some of legislation the senior Senator has put forth, which includes a bill that his most recent ad highlights that combating sexual assault on college campuses.   

“Bob Casey has passed more than 40 bills into law in his second term, including landmark legislation to combat sexual assault on college campuses and help millions of Americans with disabilities realized their full potential,” said Max Steele, campaign spokesman.   

The Casey campaign also boasted about the legislation signed into law in the past year, but delivered a punch back at his GOP challenger’s record.

“After nearly a decade in Washington, Lou Barletta is resorting to lies because he can’t defend his record of voting to slash Medicare and end protections for preexisting conditions,” Steele said. “But Pennsylvanians are smarter than the Congressman gives them credit for. They know Bob Casey has always delivered results for workers, seniors, and middle class families.”

5 Responses

  1. I think the political consultants are having a field day with Louie B. They are deliberately running a 2016 campaign in 2018 and are way to smart to think it will work. These wizards are just riding the political Fall Hayride and getting paid along the way. After decades in politics the only thing the political consultants can come up with is that Casey is not effective??? Pres Reagan was caught napping by photographers, Pres Ford slipped a few times and so what??? Someone is getting paid to come up with this idea for Barletta??? Trump is so dominant in 2018 in a negative way that this ad will only be of interest to political junkies at websites like this one. Game set match for Casey and Wolf.

  2. Great ad…he’s still gonna get smoked by 12 points…then he can take his fake teeth, fake tan, and fear mongering somewhere else…probably to FOX News…always amazed me that a guy who clearly hates brown people would take so much time to bake himself a brown/orangish hue…oh, wait, he just promoted another dog bill…yay!

  3. Well, I wouldn’t expect him to run an ad extolling the virtues of Bob Casey. Barletta is going to have to do better, a lot better, to even make this the type of race that isn’t called the moment the polls close on election night. So far, Barletta’s message is falling short. As we know anything is possible but this increasingly looks like an easy Casey victory. I think the latest poll had Casey at +18. Even in many Trump areas, Barletta isn’t gaining traction. Wagner seems to be doing a little better in those areas but is still well behind.

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