PA-Sen: Fetterman Releases First Campaign Ad (VIDEO)

Braddock Mayor John Fetterman released his first campaign ad, a two-minute video that chronicles his achievements in office.

Fetterman talks of how much the Braddock community had suffered after the destruction of the steel mills that were the source of a majority of the community’s jobs. He then presents a triumphant story of how the town rose from the ashes.

“If a community that’s lost so much, as Braddock has, can get to that place than any community can,” he asserts. “If there’s a lesson to be learned from Braddock it’s that no community deserves to be abandoned, no community deserves to be left behind. It can always get better and in fact there’s a moral obligation that it should.”

The newly-declared U.S. Senate candidate is pledging to voters that his experience in Braddock makes him the most able person to aid the Keystone State.

“Braddock is a roadmap, to build it back up and to build a stronger Pennsylvania. I want to be able to do more for not only my community, but also my commonwealth here,” he concludes.

Fetterman will be taking on former Chief of Staff to Gov. Wolf Katie McGinty and former Congressman Joe Sestak for the Democratic nomination. Incumbent GOP Senator Pat Toomey is also running for reelection.

11 Responses

  1. @eagleswing
    Maybe Bill Hyers has some principles and doesn’t like the fact that McGinty has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from the coal industry and fast tracked a waste coal plant before more stringent air quality standards took effect, yet touts herself as an environmentalist.

    The only reason McGinty is in this race is because Rendell propped her up to the state party. Considering Rendell’s current business dealings, I can understand why he wants a friend in power. The party followed because they know people don’t like Sestak who has been campaigning for 7 years straight yet has little support to show for it which shows him to be unelectable. Other than veterans, I haven’t met anyone who genuinely likes Sestak. That’s why the entire party is being forced to support her. Not to mention, the guy’s family lives in VA for crying out loud.

    When the public learns how two faced and hypocritical McGinty is, her ratings will crash. If you look at her campaign filings, she took hundreds of thousands of dollars from coal and gas donors, which she then used to pay herself back. The coal and gas industry has literally put hundreds of thousands of dollars directly in her pocket. That’s an easily verifiable fact.

    As crazy as it seems, Fetterman is the only candidate with any chance at beating Toomey. We may be in trouble.

  2. who’s funding Fetterman’s hire of john hynes — one of the highest dollar campaign managers in the country ? Hynes did mike nutter, Deblasio mayor in NYC, Charlie Crist in FL. Is Fetterman a straw man funded by rendellWolf or DSCC? his campaign filings in the Braddock mayor race don’t indicate enough financial resources to support Hynes .

  3. Mayor Fetterman is the real deal. I live in the neighboring community and have met him many times. He’s as straight forward and honest as you’re going to get. His community loves him and he’s done many great things. Excited to support his campaign.

  4. gulagPittsburgh-

    Well, he can do more as 1 of 100 in Senate, than 1 mayor out of thousands.

    But, considering how polarized the senate is, and how close some votes can be, he can have a lot of sway if he’s a swing vote.

  5. this mayor has done incredibly things and is a great example of a man inspired to public service. would be an excellent nominee

  6. Great ad but I remain very skeptical that he can replicate that as only 1 among 100 in US Senate. But then we doubted another community organizer. We shall see. He’d be better than Toomey, but so would Sestak or McGinty.

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