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PA-Sen: Gun Rights Group Launches GOP Write-In Campaign

Toomey SadSen. Pat Toomey finally has a challenger in Tuesday’s GOP Senate primary. Sort of.

Pennsylvanians for Self-Protection made a statement Wednesday telling its members to write in “2A” for the 2nd Amendment instead of voting for Toomey, who is running unopposed.

The gun-rights group is calling the write-in campaign against the incumbent “a protest for Senator Pat Toomey’s strong support for gun control legislation.”

“Pat Toomey has consistently sided with the gun grabbers,” the group’s president, Dave Sager, said. “He wants to do something about mass shootings in this country, we all do, but making it harder for law-abiding people to protect themselves with legal firearms isn’t the way.”

In early 2013, PA’s junior Senator co-sponsored a bill with Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin to increase background checks in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting. Though the bill was ultimately voted down in the Senate, gun-rights advocates point to the measure as an assault on their constitutional right to own a firearm.

“We need to send him a message and remind him that the 2nd Amendment is a right,” Sager said.

23 Responses

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  2. Dear Gun-Grabbers:
    Since criminals will certainly abide by your wishes (to turn in “guns”) there should be no need to worry about any more mass-shootings or Islamic fundamentalism…
    On second thought, why has violent crime skyrocketed in Australia after all of the guns were confiscated ?
    This is what Hillary has promised us if she gets elected!
    Signed, (thoughts from the Gulag)

  3. Article I, section 21 of the Pennsylvania State Constitution states: “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.”

    Seems pretty simple to me.

    What part of SHALL NOT BE QUESTIONED do you not understand?

  4. I’m a lifetime NRA member and 2A advocate. Toomey-Manchin would have been the best thing to happen for the second amendment in my lifetime. I shudder to think what the next president/senate will do and about the Supreme Court they’ll approve which will set policy for the rest of my life.

  5. Judging by the comments, there’s nothing to worry about from the gun grabbers…comparing guns to cars or self defense to a flood, give me a break.

    Fortunately for you the only people less politically savvy are the 2A crowd who somehow think Toomey-Manchin (which made listbuilding a felony, nationalized the ability to easily travel with your gun through other states, established due process for denials, and fixed the slow-walked check system) is bad for individual rights.

    Schumer et al were thrilled we shot ourselves in the foot.

  6. You gun hating socialists are a total joke. If you don’t like guns, don’t buy them. Leave us who want to exercise our rights to self defense alone.

    We already have background checks. Every firearm bought retail requires a background check. If 2 hunters want to trade duck shotguns, they can as long as both neither is prohibited. If either one is, it’s a felony offense.

    Forcing hunters to do a background check when they already got one to get their license is nothing more that total government control and a move toward confiscation.

  7. – Harrisburg PA
    April 27, 2016

    In a shocking turn of events, conservative Republican voters in the Keystone State have successfully nominated the 2nd Amendment for the U.S. Senate in a rarely used write-in campaign. In his victory speech last night to packed house at a local gun range, the 2nd Amendment, “2A” to his friends, read from a prepared script. “Me like guns, you like guns, we like guns. Guns.” Leaving the event, 2A accidentally shot 3 of his supporters to death using an unlicensed fully automatic M-16 with a missing serial number in a case of mistaken identity. Asked to comment on the incident, 2A said, “Guns.”

  8. Right because background checks before purchasing a gun is an atrocity. Almost as outrageous as having to pass a driving test. The car is not what kills people it is the person. This is why you need to be deemed competent before sitting behind a wheel, there is no difference with a gun. Sen. Toomey is a realist. He understands action speaks louder than words and while yes background check legislation is a form of “gun control” it does not infringe on your 2nd amendment. Instead of crying on the sideline, participate in the political process and vote for the Senator. If you think the Senator has “infringed” on your gun rights, just wait till you decide not to vote for him in November and McGinty wins…then watch what happens to your gun rights.

  9. If they were really serious about it, they’d have put somebody on the ballot and made Toomey sweat a bit. He’s laughing at this 11th hour charade.

  10. This is an obnoxious and entirely pointless protest that will only serve to waste the time of poll workers who are required to record every write-in manually. People who write in non-serious or fictional candidates are really being a pain in the neck to those who do the hard work of protecting our democratic process and should stop.

  11. And once again the tea baggers attempt to cannibalize the party they stem from to further shoot themselves into oblivion… pun intended.

  12. What, specifically, is it that they want to do to stop mass shootings? I’ve never heard any actual solution coming from gun “advocates.” Well, except “more guns,” which makes as much sense as solving a flood with more water.

  13. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled when Sestak or McGinty wins in November. But hey, at least this group is standing on principle. Eyes rolling…

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