PA-Sen: Major GOP Operative Urges Toomey to Denounce Trump (AUDIO)

One of the most prominent Republican political operatives has some advice for Pat Toomey: distance yourself from Donald Trump.

Mike Murphy, who’s worked with candidates like John McCain and Arnold Schwarzenegger, was a guest on The Ringer’s Keepin’ It 1600 podcast.

The hosts, former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau and ex-White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer, began by asking Murphy how Speaker Paul Ryan should handle the GOP’s presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Murphy, who ran a pro-Jeb Bush Super PAC last year, has been a severe critic of Trump’s.

Pfeiffer then moved (approx. 47:30) to the question of how Republican Senators in battleground states should handle Trump.

“I saw some private polling that showed Mark Kirk helped himself,” Murphy responded, referring to Sen. Kirk’s statement that he can’t support Trump. “You know he was in a really tough situation in Illinois but he got a definite bounce that put him back I think into having a shot, albeit a long shot there.”

“I think Toomey should think about doing the same thing,” Murphy added.” I’d give him that advice if I ever talked to Toomey, same thing with Kelly [Ayotte] up in New Hampshire. The problem with this stuff, and you guys know pols, they’re pain adverse.”

He went on to predict that Trump will continue to alienate voters, joking that it will come to the point that Trump “sets his hair on fire”. By that time, though, he believes the Republican candidates will have missed their chance.

“They’re all gonna jump off, but it will be too late and they won’t get any credit,” he explained. “You need to do that first jump, which is hard and it’s just not the nature of election year politicians in either party to take pain. So I think they’re trying to pull the band-aid off slowly and that makes it hurt more.”

17 Responses

  1. If Toomey doesn’t Support Donald Trump, Then I don’t support Toomey. My family members won’t either.

    I don’t even understand how anyone could support “Hillary”. She is only out for herself. She will lie and cheat to benefit herself. She let our Soldiers Die in Benghazi!!
    Wake Up People! She puts America At Risk, We wont be safe with her as President. Hillary Needs To Be In Jail!!

    God Bless America, Hooah

  2. Pat Toomey is a smart, hard working, experienced, and principled leader who understands the complexities of our economy and international relations

    He has earned our trust as an independent thinker who has crossed party lines on important issues. He deserves to be re-elected


  3. Murphy of the never win anything fame? This establishment leftover fails to realize Toomey will lose specifically for the reason he fails to support Trump.

    In so doing Toomey confirms he is part of the Party establishment that is composed of the very politicians people are hellbent on purging from office. Trump ascended as the result of voters’ disgust for bought and paid for politicians.

  4. Question:

    Who will appear on US Currency first – President Obama or President Hillary Clinton?

  5. Murphy is a pimp- even more disgusting than Trump. Issue isn’t Trump- it’s a pathetic GOP with spineless, clueless leaders like Ryan and MCConnell. Vote democratic – defeat Republican establishment and garbage like Murphy!

  6. So after all the horrid things that Trump has said and done, Mr. Toomey, man of conviction, should finally distance himself from the deranged G.O.P. nominee when his poll numbers drop? Of course. Toomey has no principles, just a deep desire to straddle the fence and keep his job. Stick a fork in him–he’s done.

  7. Toomey hasn’t done anything as US Senator. I vote Republican 75% of the time, but I can see no reason to give Toomey another 6 years.

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