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PA-Sen: Q1: McGinty Raises More Than $1.8 Million

Katie_McGintyKatie McGinty is raking in the cash.

Her campaign announced that they raised over $1.8 million from January 1st to March 31st. This is almost double what she brought in the last quarter.

“Pennsylvanians in every corner of the Commonwealth are standing with Katie because she is the only Democratic candidate who will fight for working families in the U.S. Senate,” said McGinty Communications Director Sabrina Singh. “After six years of Pat Toomey’s far-right policies, Pennsylvanians are ready for a leader who will work to raise wages and expand economic opportunity for all. We are grateful to have such broad grassroots support across the Commonwealth, and these resources will enable us to win on April 26 and defeat Pat Toomey in November.”

The McGinty team also revealed a few more tidbits about their fundraising efforts.

Over 15,000 individuals have contributed to the campaign with the median donation being $25. Additionally, 82% of contributors gave less than $200. Finally, the average online donation is $31.25.

McGinty is running against former Congressman Joe Sestak and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman in the Democratic primary. The election is set for April 26th.

16 Responses

  1. Fact checks: Sestak has said in the past that fracking is an economic growth engine for our economy. Sestak has said cutting Social Security and raising the retirement age is the correct way to fix entitlements. Sestak continues to drift towards the Toomey Way. Lie to the people about who you really are. Toomey thinks so little of Sestak he never mentions him on the campaign trail. Saving all his attacks against Katie McGinty. Do you think Toomey is trying to pick his opponent for the Fall Election?

  2. No, again you twist the truth. They sent their contribution to a PAC called WomenVote. They didnt’ send any money to “someone running for our PA Senate seat.”

    Now if you’d like to have a conversation about whether PACs are good or bad, you might want to address the 5 Republican Supreme Court judges who approved this atrocity.

  3. @Montco PA Dem

    No one has suggested any legally defined connection to the McGinty campaign, nor who else those donors may or may not support. Those folks sent huge cash to someone running for our PA Senate seat.

    The discerning voter needs to ask what would so move them to care.

    I could not care less who NY, FL, and/or DC elect for example.

    If Pat Toomey is contributing to Sestak, we should know that too. We should not give credence to anonymous posts claiming he is though.

  4. Those donors were for the WomenVote PAC, which is supporting a number of candidates, including McGinty. No connection to her campaign by law. But at least that PAC has revealed who donates vs. the Accountable Leadership PAC that’s funding Joe Sestak ads. I still think there’s Toomey money behind that one, but it won’t have to file any documents until after the primary.

  5. Why not list her top 5 donors, and where they are from? That would put all those $30 donations into perspective, as to how much pull those donors might have – and whose interest she might be indebted to – versus the following:

    Marilyn Simmons of NY = $500,000
    Donald Sussman of FL = $500,000
    Patricia Bauman of DC = $500,000
    Michael Bloomberg of NY (yes, that one) = $40,000
    Sheryl Sandberg of FaceBook = $30,000

  6. Anyone who has a chance of scraping Pat Toomey off the soles of our collective shoes will win my vote. Toomey is still one of the #47Traitors, too arrogant to bother learning about foreign policy but ready to embarrass the US by going around the president with childish demands to foreign leaders who laughed at him. Toomey is ready to do all the things that lose elections: siding with cops against cops’ victims, trying to crush women further with destructive anti-abortion laws and otherwise filling the corrupt and unconstitutional agenda of the Club for Growth. Cannot wait to vote this worthless troglodyte out of office in November.

    “How many of those donations are from special interest groups?”
    82% of contributors gave less than $200

    so, the answer is less than 18%

    What a shame-

    If you want to talk about cash going down the tubes:
    – Specter had $10 million cash on hand in the spring
    – Sestak transferred $4.5 million from the congressional account “to hold the district”
    – Lentz spent $2 million on a new campaign to hold the seat

    That’s $16.5 million, not including the 2010 Senate general. I put the cost of Sestak around $20 million with nothing to show for it.

    Also, Joe is running just to be a 1-term senator, so even if he won, it would cost us millions more for an open seat in 2022 (non presidential) than re-electing someone like McGinty

    Montco PA Dem-

    Sestak can’t even tell the truth about where he lives.

  8. Right here buddy:

    Fast forward to exactly 30:00.

    In its entirety, this is also a perfect video to showcase how Sestak cannot form a coherent sentence, even when speaking from a script.

    I especially love the part where John Baer asks Sestak why his campaign repeatedly refers to him as Admiral, even though military decorum and regulations say not to — and Sestak answers with a self-serving story calling himself Admiral in the first sentence.

    How anyone can vote for this man is beyond me.

  9. “Pennsylvanians in every corner of the Commonwealth are standing with Katie because she is the only Democratic candidate who will fight for working families in the U.S. Senate”

    What about taking a million dollar payout from the energy industry she once regulated indicates a desire to fight for working families? If she wins the primary, that will be proof that the system is truly corrupt and people are stupid.

  10. Give us the citation with that exact quote of his, or STFU with those PaDem talking points.

  11. Disgusting? You’re right, it absolutely is. It’s also absolutely accurate.

    Sestak said as recently as this January that he thinks the Simpson-Bowles plan to cut Social Security and raise the retirement age is “the proper reform of entitlements.”

    By lying about what the ad says — it correctly says he supports this plan, not that he voted for it — you prove that Sestak is ashamed of his own position. As he should be.

  12. How many of those small donations are from out-of-state Emily’s List sheep? 90%, I’m sure – those women have NO idea what a corporate lackey Frackin’ Katie is.

    Speaking of special interest groups – who has seen the disgusting attack ad from Emily affiliate WomenVote? Says Joe voted to cut Social Security, when the vote they cite was two years after he was out of Congress! Shameful and dishonest – so, perfect for Katie.

  13. Wow all that cash going down the tubes. Joe Sestak will win the primary. Katie has never won a thing.

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