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PA-Sen: Q3: Toomey Raises $4.9 Million

Official PortraitSenator Pat Toomey is finishing strong.

The GOP first-term incumbent raised $4,970,137 during the third fundraising quarter which spanned July 1st to September 30th.

That’s a significant increase from the $3,249,189 he brought in during the second quarter.

Sen. Toomey spent $6,474,061 over that time period. This leaves him with $6,186,568 cash on hand as of the start of October.

The third quarter report for Katie McGinty’s campaign has yet to be posted but we will have a comprehensive breakdown of both candidates’ reports in the near future.

8 Responses

  1. Katie McGinty has never done anything positive in her life. She’s ruthlessly ambitious as a politician, but that has meant massive tax increases while working for Wolf and being the architect of a historically long budget impasse — both terrible for the middle class and nonprofits. She’s never built a business like Toomey and she wouldn’t bring any financial or any other skill to the Senate. She is a party hack and that’s all she would ever be.

    First kid in the family to go to college? A lie. Dad was a cop? Who the fuck cares? Toomey actually has a long track record of doing good things for crime victims and prosecutors. That’s why law enforcement is endorsing Toomey, not McGinty.

    In short, McGinty is unqualified and everything that people hate in a politician.

  2. Katie McGinty is indeed the 9th of 10 children. Her father was a Philadelphia Police Officer and her mom was a restaurant hostess.

    While Katie McGinty was growing up in this blue-collar Pennsylvania home, where was Pat Toomey? Pat Toomey was growing up in Rhode Island, not here.

    When Katie McGinty was choosing colleges to go to directly after high school she decided to go with her Pennsylvania roots and attend St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Where was Pat Toomey? Pat Toomey decided to go to an elite school in Massachusetts, not here in Pennsylvania.

    When Katie McGinty was fighting for cleaner air and water for Pennsylvania children and families, where was Pat Toomey? Toomey was making millions on Wall Street.

    The choice is clear.

    Katie McGinty is and has always been one of us. Her story is a Pennsylvania story.

    As the Philadelphia Inquirer said:
    “Katie McGinty is focused on the problems of real people, while Pat Toomey is a friend of big business.”

    That sums it all up.

    Vote McGinty on Nov. 8th

  3. No reporting of the ethics complaint filed by PAGOP against McGinty for working on her campaign while on the clock?


    Inquirer Editorial: Katie McGinty for the U.S. Senate

    If corporations were people, Pennsylvania’s Republican freshman Sen. Pat Toomey would be the right senator for them. His approach to governance is to slash regulations and taxes to help companies, which he believes would provide good paying jobs. But that hasn’t worked for average people struggling with flat wages, job insecurity and wondering why so little of the good economic news isn’t about them.

    Toomey, 54, would eliminate Obamacare and let the marketplace decide to provide benefits like covering children up to age 26. He’d kill an agency that keeps lenders from preying on consumers and return to the days of low-regulation and low-oversight of Wall Street, which led to the financial meltdown.
    He opposes forcing companies to clean up greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming, a factor in the spate of floods and wildfires ravaging the country. And, he favors Supreme Court decisions that allow unlimited corporate funds to persuade voters in elections.

    A product of the radical right, Toomey voted to shut down the government over raising the debt ceiling rather than find a civil solution. But, in a stellar moment, he crossed the aisle to seek background checks for those who wish to purchase guns. He failed, but says he’d try again if re-elected. Let’s hope it’s with more conviction than his politically expedient equivocation over whether to support his party’s presidential nominee, Donald Trump, an admitted serial molester.

    In contrast, there is no doubt that Toomey’s challenger, Democrat Katie McGinty, has the interests of Pennsylvania’s people at heart. She speaks as a woman who grew up working class in Philadelphia and struck out on a career in public service, advising President Bill Clinton on the environment, leading Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection and serving, albeit briefly, as Gov. Wolf’s chief of staff.
    McGinty, 53, wants to raise the minimum wage, expand child care credits and fight for equal pay for women. She would invest in research, skilled manufacturing and renewable energy. McGinty wants to expand pre-kindergarten, improve public schools, make college affordable and training available to adults. She would lower health care costs by decreasing co-payments and high deductibles and cut abusive drug pricing.

    These candidates’ sharp disagreements on issues should be enough to distinguish them in a tight race, but they and their supporters are exaggerating each other’s ethical lapses. For example, after leaving the Clinton administration, McGinty worked with a law firm that erroneously listed her as a lobbyist for a few days on a disclosure form. The attack is a distortion. But when McGinty worked as the state’s environmental secretary, she oversaw contracts awarded to an advocacy group which hired her husband as a $3,700 consultant.
    The Ethics Commission rightly chided her. This isn’t good but not as egregious as Toomey’s forces claim. She attacks Toomey for sitting on the Senate Banking Committee while holding bank stock. That doesn’t violate ethics rules.

    Because she has a genuine grasp on the human consequences of government policies and seeks to improve the quality of life for all, The Inquirer endorses KATIE MCGINTY for U.S. Senate.


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