PA-Sen: Q4: In The Three-Way Race, McGinty Continues Climbing

Katie_McGintyThough 2015 may have ended, the race for Pat Toomey’s seat is just heating up.

For the second straight fundraising quarter, Katie McGinty outraised her Democratic opponents, former Congressman Joe Sestak and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman.

Top-Line Numbers

In the final quarter of 2015, the former Chief of Staff to Gov. Wolf pulled in $960,774.27 from 1624 contributions. She spent $690,445.61, with $18,027.11 refunded to individuals. Altogether, McGinty has $1,162,687.87 cash on hand.


Out of McGinty’s Q4 total, $136,964.74 came from 64 PACs, while $701,636.64 came from 1,560 individual contributions.

Most PAC donations came from prominent D.C. Democrats. For instance, she received $10K from Impact PAC, an affiliate of New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, and $5K from America Works PAC, an affiliate of Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown. McGinty also got $5,000 from the leadership PACs of Congressmen from Illinois, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Minnesota.

Other contributions included $4,000 from former Sen. Mary Landrieu and $2,500 from the leadership PACs of Democratic Senators from Oregon, Rhode Island, Michigan, and Vermont.

McGinty also received $1000+ donations from 15 other PACs, including several unions, environmental groups, and the leadership PACs of Richard E. Neal and Tim Solobay, among others.

Several union PACs also contributed $5,000, including the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, the Amalgamated Transit Union, and the United Automobile, Aerospace, and Agricultural Implement Workers of America.


Most of McGinty’s cash was spent on Staff, Catering, Bank Fees, Photography, Utilities, Database Services, Office Supplies, and Travel Expenses.

There were still major advertising expenditures, including $40K to DC based group SKD Knickerbocker for video production, $110K to Rising Tide for online ads, $120K to Rapid Returns for direct mail, and $10K to Chi/Donahoe + Cole/Duffey for web design.

Finally, the campaign gave $30,000 to Campaign Finance Consultants for fundraising consulting, $39,000 to Chartiers Group for strategic consulting, $23,000 to Walsworth Landset Research, $13K to Marlin Strategies LLC for strategic consulting, and $18,000 to Peter D. Hart Research Associates for focus groups.

8 Responses

  1. She did only spend $100k in the last quarter. I imagine she held over a lot of her expenses. But still. Big burn.

  2. Catering? That is: Catering to the frackers and the establishment.
    Catering—very expensive wine?? She’s out of her league and her entry into the race hurts Dem chances of beating Toomey. Either way, Toomey or McGinty, the environment will be despoiled. Win, win, either way for the oil/gas corporations. Did she plan it this way??

  3. How the hell do you spend $700,000 on catering??

    It’s not a great year to have the “Establishment” backing you.

    Can’t wait to see how much more Fracking cash she sucked in.

  4. If the ads are produced and “in the can”, they are essentially assets like “cash on hand”.

  5. She has a burn rate of 71%. A *decent* burn rate is probably 40%. She’s basically setting money on fire.

  6. That’s actually not good when you consider the backing she has… Rendell, Wolf, Reid, Schumer, the party…

    Several hundred thousand appears to be reserved for the general election as well. That’s not enough to run an effective state-wide campaign.

    She lied about taking money form gas and energy. She’s planted campaign volunteers at campaign events that she invited the media to without disclosing the relationship.

    If you look into her past of fast tracking approval for a dirty coal plant to avoid tougher laws for a large campaign supporter… ethics violations for awarding contracts to companies that employed her husband… using the DEP to private pipeline for big payouts from the companies she was supposed to be a watchdog for…

    Katie really seems to have an issue with ethics… I wish someone would actually call her out on it.

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