PA-Sen: Toomey Balances Right and Center Ahead of 2016

Official PortraitIn 2016, the Democrats will be defending only 10 seats in the Senate, while the Republicans will be defending 24. This means the GOP is going to have a tough task in front of them if they intend on keeping the Senate.

Newly-minted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) knows this, and as a result, he’s allowing Republican Senators in blue states to drift towards the center over the next two years. Even if it means losing votes on big pieces of legislation.

Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey is a prime example.

For example, last week Sen. Toomey was one of only 15 Republicans who voted for an amendment to express that humans contribute to climate change.

The Senator’s spokeswoman, Elizabeth Anderson, asserted that Toomey’s views on climate change are nothing new. “Sen. Toomey has always said that human activity contributes to climate change,” she said. “The degree to which we play a role is clearly up for debate.”

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7 thoughts on “PA-Sen: Toomey Balances Right and Center Ahead of 2016”

  1. Dave Ragu says:

    Aren’t you from New England? They must have thrown you out. You are an insult to Pa state government.

  2. tommyd says:

    Toomey is only a wing nut when it suits him. He is actually a Wall Street shill.

  3. Tom says:

    Toomey is following the WINGNUT Strategy that even Rick Santorum followed every sixth year attempting to shift to the center during election years to appeal to moderates. Then when elected becoming a full fledged WINGNUT for five and a half more years. The electorate caught up to Santorum and Toomey will be the next Pennsylvania Republican Senator to lose his Senate Seat. Toomey is bad for everyday Pennsylvanians. He is so connected with ultra Conservative monied special interests groups it is almost funny how now he wants to shift to being a moderate. If you want a man of the people as the next Pennsylvania Senator vote for Joe Sestak !

  4. Andrew Goutman says:

    Toomey–a serious-minded wing-nut–has got to go, no doubt about it. He is way too conservative for PA. But he will be tough to beat, because the R’s have no problem lying through their teeth (the over-the-counter birth control messaging in the ’14 midterms is one example), and they apparently pay no consequences for their lying. So I’m going with Sestak. He’s got the campaign infrastructure in place, he’s got money and his aggressiveness can be a good thing. Let’s beat this Toomey.

  5. Hey says:

    Senator Toomey is doing just fine. We made a good choice in 2010 choosing him.

    If he ups his game and continues to advance economic growth and other balanced policy initiatives, in’16 we’ll see him reelected.

  6. DELCO Observer says:

    Toomey’s continued presence in the Senate is bad for regular Americans and empowers the wingnuts. He has to go. End of story. Removing Toomey from the Senate strikes a blow for sanity, as there will be one less vote for mcconnell, one less vote to destroy healthcare reform, one less vote for wall street, etc. Pennsylvania will not be fooled.

  7. frank says:

    Boehner did the same thing for Gerlach, providing cover for him, and allowing him to claim that he was a “moderate”. Pennsylvania voters should not be so gullible. Toomey is not a moderate by any definition. We already have a senator who votes with the Republicans (Casey). This time we need a senator who will vote for the people of Pennsylvania. My choice is Sestak.

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