PA-Sen: Toomey to Oppose Confirmation of Loretta Lynch

Pat ToomeySenator Pat Toomey has announced that he will vote against the confirmation of Loretta Lynch as United States Attorney General.

In an email to supporters, Toomey cited his “concerns about whether she would uphold the rule of law and defend the Constitution in the face of President Obama’s executive actions.”

“When pressed on whether she thought the Obama Administration’s unilateral executive action granting legal status and work permits to more than 4 million illegal immigrants,” Toomey wrote. “Lynch said that President Obama had the legal authority to do so.”

Toomey maintained that Lynch “couldn’t be more wrong” about her statement regarding Obama’s legal authority to use executive actions. The Senator originally made these charges back in February and apparently has not changed his mind.

“The Attorney General represents the American people, not the President,” the Senator concluded.

President Obama nominated Lynch to replace retiring AG Eric Holder on November 8th. The Senate recently agreed to hold a vote on her confirmation on Thursday.

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10 thoughts on “PA-Sen: Toomey to Oppose Confirmation of Loretta Lynch”

  1. Denny Bonavita says:

    I wouldn’t vote to ELECT Lynch. But the Senate wasn’t tasked with ELECTING her. The election was in 2012, and Obama won. The Senate is tasked with confirming his nominees, and Lynch is qualified. Obama deserves his team. Toomey is all wet on this one.

  2. David Diano says:

    It would be a lot easier if Obama just issued a blanket pardon for anyone who was brought over as a child to remove the argument that they are criminals.

  3. Michael Zellhart says:

    Sen. Toomey is exactly right. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say a President may draft and sign into law anything resembling legislation. He is to enforce the current law, which would be securing the borders, and deporting those here illegally.
    If Lynch doesn’t even know how the 3 branches of government work, she doesn’t deserve approval.

  4. David Diano says:

    For a comparison of where Joe lives and where he says he lives, check out Alexandria, Virginia on Google Maps site.

    Bono – Yep. No license. Didn’t go to law school. Got a bachelors of arts in government. I guess he was out the day they talked about executive orders.

    Well, she was finally confirmed today. So, Toomey gets to be on the wrong side of history again.

  5. Bono says:

    From what law school did Pat Toomey graduate? A classic example of practicing law without a license.

  6. The Lost Dutchman says:

    I can understand why someone from Pennsylvania would be concerned about the Attorney General’s office being overly politicized.

  7. Sue says:

    For a comparison of what pat says with how he votes, check out Joe Sestak’s website!

  8. Observer says:

    Wow. Rudy Giuliani’s endorsement wasn’t enough for you? A pointless act, sure to anger blacks AND women. Way to broaden your appeal, Paddy-Boy! Better get your DC Mansion ready for some showings!

  9. Reasonable Rep says:

    I disagree with the Senator here. The Supreme Court will weigh in soon enough, but until then, reasonable minds should be able to disagree on this area of law – no matter how strongly one may feel. As Toomey himself stated a few months ago, U.S. Attorney Lynch has impressive credentials and a demonstrable commitment to public service.

    Count me in the camp of former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez. If the cabinet nominee is qualified and fit to serve – which Lynch is – then the President should be entitled to assemble his own administrative team.

    If Republicans disagree with the political agenda being pursued by that administrative team, then we need to win back the Presidency.

  10. Delco Observer says:

    Is there any surprise? He is lock-step with the radical right-wing. More needs to be made of these types of positions to debunk the “moderate” myth.

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