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PA-Sen: Toomey Wants His Money Back

Pat-ToomeyOver the weekend, Citizens for Prosperity in America Today, Sen. Pat Toomey’s leadership PAC, requested a full refund of its donations to Prosperity for Pennsylvania, a Super PAC expected to back Toomey’s re-election campaign next year.

CPAT Treasurer Lisa Lisker wrote to her counterpart at Prosperity for Pennsylvania, Mark Dion, asking for $75,000 to be returned in order to avoid “distraction and false controversy.”

“It has become clear that political opponents are seeking to create an artificial controversy where none exists,” Lisker wrote. “Those who cannot win on the basis of their ideas and vision frequently seek to cause distractions.”

The controversy arose from a $50,000 contribution from Toomey’s leadership PAC to the Super PAC, which some believe to be against Federal Elections Commission rules.

Prosperity for Pennsylvania is run by several former Toomey aides, including Dion – who served as Toomey’s Chief of Staff in the House of Representatives – and Assistant Treasurer Chad Kolton – who served as Club for Growth Communications Director while Toomey was President.

7 Responses

  1. Let’s see! Toomey’s own PAC wants money back from Prosperity for Pennsylvania another political pac run by Toomey’s Chief of Staff when he was a House Representative and the Communications Director of the Club for Growth when Toomey was the President of that organization . Observer is right it is pure money laundering. Toomey has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar and is now trying to cut ties with his own people. What Toomey says and what he does are always different. He talks a nice talk about working for average Americans but ALWAYS VOTES AGAINST THEIR INTERESTS IN THE SENATE. TIME FOR TOOMEY TO GO RUN HIS BANK THAT HE AND A FEW FRIENDS SET UP BECAUSE HIS HOME AREA NEEDED ONE. When is the last time any average guy you know started up a bank. Pennsylvania can do better.

  2. It’s called money-laundering, to evade disclosure rules. “Some believe” it’s a felony, including most US Attorneys. That’s the reason they want it back. They couldn’t care less about the toothless FEC.

  3. “Citizens for Prosperity in America Today”. Really rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

  4. So… rather than do it quietly, or say nothing and letting this scandal die a quick death… they decided to put it back in the news cycle?

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