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PA1: Wallace’s 1st Ad Ties Fitzpatrick to Big Oil and GOP Tax Bill

From the gas station to the television.

Scott Wallace, Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania’s 1st District, released his first television ad of the general election cycle against Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks).

Wallace, standing at a gas station, ties his opponent to big oil corporations and the GOP tax bill.

“Brian Fitzpatrick voted for the new tax law that gives most of the money to big corporations and the top 1%,” Wallace says in the 30 second ad. “Exxon alone, got a $6 billion tax break. How’s that working out for you here at the pump?”



The Fitzpatrick campaign fired back by claiming Wallace was a liar and referenced a back and forth between the Democratic candidate and Rachel Reddick, during the Democratic Primary.

“Scott Wallace’s entire campaign is based on a lie, and this is the same nonsense he pulled in the Democrat Primary election against Rachel Reddick,” said Genevieve Malandra, Spokeswoman for Team Fitzpatrick. “Scott Wallace refuses to acknowledge the fact that Congressman Fitzpatrick is ranked the #1 Most Independent Freshman Congressman in the Nation, with the highest environmental score in his conference by a mile.”

The Fitzpatrick campaign continued to critique Wallace’s financial status as a divide between the two candidates.

“Apparently he likes to attack those who have served our nation to keep him and his family safe, so that he could peacefully live the life of an inherited corporate multi-millionaire,” Malandra said. “This man is downright shameful.”

In a statement relating to his first ad, Wallace boasted about not taking money from corporate PACs while attacking painting Fitzpatrick as beholden to “Washington special interests.”

“He took hundreds of thousands of dollars from the oil and gas industry and then voted to give them billions of dollars in tax breaks. I don’t see that lowering gas prices for the working families in PA-01,” Wallace said in the statement. “I’m not taking a dime in Corporate PAC or lobbyist money and will support middle-class tax breaks that benefit everybody, not just top 1 percent.”

This morning, the Congressional Leaders Fund, a GOP super PAC endorsed by House Republican leadership, released its first ad in the race for this seat attacking Wallace on being hit with a $70,000 tax lien. The Wallace campaign responded to this ad by stating it was “one clerical mistake” and that the Democratic candidate has “paid all his taxes in full, period.”

The story was updated with a comment from the Fitzpatrick campaign. 

9 Responses

  1. Since Oil was discovered in Pennsylvania and current National Gas Reserves will supply America with over 40% of Natural Gas Power Plants for the next 30 years, to oppose such production does not make economic sense. Additionally, America’s Oil, Gas, and Coal is needed by the rest of the world and strong competitor to Russia and China that seeks to undermine such American wealth.

    POTUS FDR Vice President was Henry Agard Wallace that strongly supported New Deal liberalism and sought conciliation with the Soviet Union. However, many in the Democratic Party wanted Wallace replaced By Truman in 1944.

    Why a Congressman would be against Pennsylvania Oil and Gas that could help pay for Infrastructure rebuilding is not good politics, in my view.

  2. He isn’t taking corporate money because his pawpaw already left him the keys to the castle. For Wallace it isn’t who gives money to him, its who he gives money to. The THOUSANDS given to Bucks Dem Committee to secure the nomination, money given to anti-jewish groups. Wallace is literally the worst candidate to win a primary in recent memory.

  3. Fitzpatrick new about the turtles!!!! And did nothing. Still hanging out with that felon. Lock Summers up!

  4. My 401K has skyrocketed since President Trump was elected. Add to that the Trump Tax Cut, which Brian Fitzpatrick voted for and I see more money in my paycheck, a lower tax rate and when it comes time to file taxes for 2018, my family and I will see even more benefits. A vote for Wallace will be a vote to reverse these gains.

    1. Isn’t that special. So you are one of the lucky 19% of people actually seeing a benefit in pay. If we are retired or work low-paying jobs, the Tax Cut had no effect on our lives. If we have 401(K)s their values have only recently recovered their original value before they plunged during the Recession caused by Big Banks. It just goes to show that Republicans are for the Rich, and the Rich like Republicans.

      1. If you’re retired or working a low-paying job you weren’t paying any federal income tax to begin with. Hard to significantly cut taxes for people who don’t pay them.

  5. Team Fitzpatrick can’t even be bothered to address the issue addressed in Wallace’s ad: their guy’s vote for a tax scam that benefits only the uber-rich. Instead, the pivot to a primary election that’s over and the Big Lie that Fitz, who votes with Trum 83 percent of the time, has a shred of independence that Paul Ryan doesn’t let him have. Look, squirrel!

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