PA12: Keller Announces Senior Campaign Team

State Rep. Fred Keller (R-Snyder) isn’t taking any chances. He announced that several experienced GOP hands joined his campaign team.

“Coming from the private sector, I know the importance of making the right hiring decisions to ensure success,” Keller said in a release. “That’s why I’m very excited about the campaign leadership team we are putting together.”

Jon Anzur, who most recently managed Rep. Lou Barletta’s campaign for the U.S. Senate, will be the campaign manager for Keller. Previous stops for Anzur also include managing Barletta’s successful re-election to Congress in 2016 and working for Gov. Tom Corbett’s administration and for the Pennsylvania House Republican Communications Department.

Nan McLaughlin, arguably the most prominent GOP fundraiser in PA, will serve as the finance director for the Keller campaign. Her 25-plus year career includes a number of senior advisor roles in state government, on political campaigns and in the private sector. She also worked for both Govs. Tom Ridge and Tom Corbett.

Quantum Communications, who helped Keller win five state House elections, will be the general consultant for the campaign. The consulting group was founded by Charlie Gerow in 2001. 

The setup is a contrast from the 2018 special in PA18, when GOP operatives from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg to DC grumbled that State Rep. Rick Saccone didn’t have the operational support necessary to defeat Conor Lamb.

For comparison, the 2019 configuration of PA12 went for Trump over Clinton by 35 plus points. Lamb eked out his win in a PA18 seat that Trump won by 20 points.

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12 thoughts on “PA12: Keller Announces Senior Campaign Team”

  1. Stan says:

    Those who sit behind keyboards and use cutsie screen names to post snarky comments are nothing more than cowards.

    Come out into the sunlight and sit across the table so you can look those you disagree with in the eye; otherwise your comments are nothing more than fodder for your ego.

    1. StevenTodd says:

      Amen. That any reputable site hosts anonymous posts has always astounded me. Yet many do.

  2. mikeh says:

    Such vitriol… Fred must be doing something right. Snyder county values of integrity and industry are greatly needed in Washington as opposed to more of the same aloof pandering that enables Sandusky style corruption.

  3. No Longer on the Fence says:

    I got Keller’s benchmark poll call. So in artful there’s no doubt who paid for it. Worst sleazy push poll I’ve ever heard of. I’m not impressed by the Dem candidate, but after this poll, he gets my vote because Keller’s nastiness is so repellant.

    1. BarnstormingPA says:

      Do you have a recording of it? Does anyone have a recording of it? Would love to get a copy of it!

      1. No Longer on the Fence says:

        Sadly, I don’t have a copy.
        Given Keller starts with a 35+ point lead but plays this dirty, he’s made it clear he’s not fit for public service.

  4. Zakrey Bissell says:

    I am running to be this Congress district

  5. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    Jon Anzur is a real winner; ran the Lou Barletta campaign for US Senate. LOL

  6. Guest says:

    A veteran campaign team? Hell let me take a stab at what he’ll do/how he’ll portray the opponent:

    1. Regurgitate the line “lower taxes, less regulation” until he’s blue in the face
    2. Call his Dem opponent an uber-socialist while plastering pics of him next to AOC’s, and saying he wants abortions on demand nationwide
    3. Frighten people through TV ads with shots of the “caravan” and MS-13

    I should’ve been a GOP political consultant.

    1. Duh says:

      Let me guess what his opponent will do…
      Racist, sexist, trump trump trump blah blah blah. It’s easy when its obvious and pointing that out doesnt make you smart.

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