Pennsylvania’s Elected Officials React to Trump’s Speech

Boyle KellyAfter President Donald Trump’s speech to a joint session of Congress, Pennsylvania’s elected officials reacted.  Many stuck to the party line, but a few chose to move away from the line.  

Republicans wanted to portray Trump’s remarks as strong and unifying for the country, while Democrats pushed the narrative of broken promises between the campaign trail, Trump’s first 40 days in office, and his speech.  

PoliticsPA is giving the ‘party warrior award’ to Democratic Rep. Brendan Boyle and Republican Mike Kelly for most strongly articulating the party line. Boyle blasted Trump while Kelly praised him.

The ‘temperance award’ goes to Republican Senator Pat Toomey for striking a cautious tone about the speech, and to Democratic Senator Bob Casey for being open to working with Trump on some issues.  

Below are the highlights from each statement that was released and a link to the whole statement. PoliticsPA will update with additional statements as we receive them.

Governor Tom Wolf

While I appreciate the President’s mention of the opioid epidemic, we need specifics on what the President and Congress plan to do about the 125,000 Pennsylvanians whose treatment coverage they want to end. These consequences are only made worse by the plan to further cut Medicaid coverage for kids, seniors and the disabled.”

Complete statement.

Senator Bob Casey

“If President Trump is ready to get serious and fight for policies that make sure Pennsylvania’s workers and middle class families get a fair shot, then I am willing to work with him. However, if President Trump continues to go along with the extreme agenda of Congressional Republicans then I will keep holding him accountable.”

Complete statement.

Senator Pat Toomey

“None of us will agree with the President all the time. Nevertheless, the country needs lawmakers to resist the call of obstructionism and work with the President, where they can, to tackle the great fiscal, economic, and security challenges of our time.”

Complete statement.

PA-2: Rep. Dwight Evans (D-Philadelphia)

“President Trump made several bold statements in tonight’s address that contradict his actions over the first 40 days of his presidency. Actions speak louder than words.”

Complete statement.

PA-3: Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Butler)

“Tonight we heard a proclamation of strength, confidence, and ambition in pursuit of a greater country and better future for every single American. It was one of the most positive and unifying addresses I have ever heard delivered at that podium, and I thank President Trump for coming to the People’s House to deliver it.”

Complete statement.

PA-8: Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks)

“While there will be competing reactions from both sides, it’s imperative that this Congress – and this country – find areas of agreement and common goals to focus on. From tax reform and infrastructure investment to ensuring a government accountable to the people it serves, I’m ready to work with groups like the Problem Solvers Caucus to make these bipartisan objectives a reality.”

Complete statement.

PA-9: Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Blair)

“President Trump was elected by huge margins in Central and Southwestern Pennsylvania because he promised to shake up Washington, and that’s exactly what he has been doing. Tonight he delivered the strong speech that has been missing over the last eight years.”

Complete statement.

PA-10: Rep. Tom Marino (R-Lycoming)

“Tonight, President Trump showed that he is a strong leader who has a vision for making our country stronger.”

Complete statement.

PA-11: Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Luzerne)

“Tonight, in his joint address to Congress, President Trump delivered an optimistic strategy for moving our country forward by focusing on issues that are important to all Americans, while highlighting his plans to work with both Republicans and Democrats to overcome the challenges we face as a nation and condemning evil in all its forms.”

Complete statement.

PA-13: Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-Philadelphia)

“The President took to the podium in front of Congress tonight without a single jobs bill or accomplishment to his name.  The reality of the world the President lives in and the truth of his actions tell a very different tale: a story of broken promises to the American people. Forty days after his inauguration, President Trump and the Republican Congress still have not lifted a finger to create jobs or raise wages for hard-working Americans.”

Complete statement.

PA-16: Rep. Lloyd Smucker (R-Lancaster)

“We’re dreaming big again. Tonight, President Trump laid out a bold agenda that sets clear priorities: the safety of the American people and economic opportunity for everyone.”

Complete statement.

11 Responses

  1. Concerning Sen. Toomey’s comment, “… Nevertheless, the country needs lawmakers to resist the call of obstructionism and work with the President, where they can, to tackle the great fiscal, economic, and security challenges of our time.”

    If my memory serves me correctly, Sen. Toomey was one of the chief obstructionists during his time with the Pres. Obama years.

  2. Fitzpatrick reached across the aisle? Really that legislation was nothing more than a recycled bill of his brothers. He does not have an original thought in that brain of his. His statement is a generic “safe” for reelection no substance to it press release. I’ve met the man and the only thing I took from the conversation was that he was an arrogant know it all. No wonder he is avoiding meeting with his constituents. Anyone that has half a brain can see through his phony front. He is for his own personal agenda. Not a Republican not a Democrat worse, a power hungry self serving politician. Some one needs to step up and challenge him in the primary. Save our parties reputation and uphold the constituents best interests.

  3. How did the good citizens of PA’s middle class fair Senator Casey during the Obama administrations 8 years?

  4. Overall, quite predictable responses. But there are some interesting details.

    Such as Wolf’s statement. He certainly does lip-service to the Democratic Party line, but holds back on anything too silly. Abbott is earning his money on this one. Casey also is cautious. Despite the necessary kowtows to the DNC’s narrative, he’s not burning any bridges either, and says enough to satisfy all but the most rabid anti-Trumpists. Could be both are looking at the 2018 train headed their way.

    Little from the others apart from the expected, but two stand out a bit. Fitzpatrick is also looking at the next election. He really wants to be seen as a paragon of bipartisanism, but always comes across as Mr. Lukewarm. Boyle gets the partisanship award here. He has done wonders with recycled second-class rhetoric verging on the irrational. But it sells well in his part of Philly, and he plays well to that audience.

  5. Trumps speech was awesome….think about what the pants suit whack job would have said and trump is even better than awesome…a great man

  6. Rep. Boyle did nothing in the state house and has done nothing in congress. He’s a Harvard welfare kid who is smart enough to keep living of the government dole.

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