Philly GOP Makes Democratic Blunder Bracket

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As March Madness whittles down to the final four teams, the Philadelphia Republican Party took advantage of the excitement and drew up a bracket of their own. This one, however, has a political angle.

Entitled “The Underhanded 8,” the Philadelphia GOP took the recent blunders that their Democratic counterparts have committed in the month of March and positioned them in an Elite Eight-style bracket.

“Usually the month of March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb; however in Philadelphia, the lion continues to roar,” said Joe DeFelice, the Philadelphia Republican Party Executive Director.

“Right before the month started, State Rep JP Miranda was indicted for having a ghost employee on his payroll and ethical issues continue to abound for Philadelphia Democrats as recently as this last week when it was reported that State Rep. Pam DeLissio claimed a homestead exemption in Harrisburg as her primary residence while also registering her car there for insurance reasons. The blatant disregard these individuals have for their voters is ridiculous. We have had our own version of March Madness and thereby we introduce the ‘Underhanded 8.’”

State Rep. Miranda is pegged as the Ghost Region Champion for his recent felony charges, and State Rep. DeLissio is the Homestead Region Champion.

The bracket also features all those allegedly implicated in the bribery sting operation that Attorney General Kathleen Kane called off in 2013. State Rep. Ronald G. Waters is the Birthday Boy Region Champion and State Rep. Vanessa Brown is the the Ooowee Region Champion — both named for the apparent quotes that the undercover operative was able to compile during the bribe handoffs.

President Judge of Philadelphia Traffic Court Thomasine Tynes is the Tiffany Region Champion in honor of the Tiffany bracelet she admitted to receiving as a bribe.

State Rep. Louise Bishop is the Reliable Reverend Region Champion and State Rep. Michelle Brownlee is the Lack of Clout Region Champion.

Finally, State Sen. LeAnna Washington is the Birthday Girl Region Champion for the criminal charges that have been leveled against her in regards to her use of political staffers for campaign purposes — the most notable accusation being a birthday fundraiser she held for herself.

The bracket, “which highlights the shortcomings and underhanded acts of eight Philadelphia Democrat Politicians,” encapsulates a bad month for the Democratic Party in the city and taught us that the Philly GOP actually has a sense of humor.

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  1. I love those who pick on the 12% GOP minority in Philly by pointing out their negative numbers. How about looking within at the blatant corruption in your Democratic machine, and how much outright filth has arose in just a month’s time?

    Want to know the difference between the Philly GOP and the Dems? The Philly GOP used to have a leadership that was beholden to patronage and corruption, taking scraps from Brady’s table. Last year, the few republicans left in this town kicked them to the curb and brought in good men like Taylor and DeFelice who, after decades are actually putting up a fight – and doing so in a humorous way! By contrast, Brady is actually standing behind these crooks who were CAUGHT ON TAPE.

    Anyone who truly gives a damn about this city would side with the Philly GOP to establish some checks and balances here – instead of doing the same thing over and again and expecting different results.

    Oh, and for those of you who are thinking of making a 12% comment, think about how the charter and campaign finance laws are DESIGNED to keep the minority party down, without big union or warchests to win elections.

  2. The Philly GOP is such a joke. Karen Brown went on the Peoples Court after she was the Republican nominee for mayor. Great job recruiting, guys.

  3. In 2011 Councilman Brian O’Neill defeated Bill Rubin, who was well funded and supported by most public sector unions. O’Neill won by a wide margin, 59%-41% in a district that has about 35% Republican voter registration. Councilman O’Neill’s campaign had a strong organization, grassroots strategy, fundraising ability, and message that resonated with the voters. It will not be easy but with a solid and focused political operation the Philly GOP will make gains in the city.

  4. Infantile. No wonder the Republicans haven’t won a damn thing in Philly for the last century. How about spending some time and energy figuring out how to make a difference?

  5. Amused by two of the comments.

    1) Talking about corrupt politicians is apparently a “distraction”.

    2) The Philadelphia GOP is supposed to “win elections” but not talk about corruption issues of the people in the other party.

  6. Robbie,

    I am perfectly capable of reading and writing. You used the term “almost 30 years” in a pretty blatant attempt to inflate the amount of time that’s gone by. As far as the 2003 election, only someone who does not live here would ever say that election was not close. Katz closely trailed Street for the entirety of the race.

  7. @Dan —

    Please use 2nd Grade reading and basic counting skills. I wrote the Philly GOP has not won a real election in “almost 30 years.” I don’t know where you learned how to read or count, but I would guess most people think 25 years qualifies as “ALMOST 30 years.”

    Also, I wrote the Philly GOP hasn’t “come close to winning” in 15 years. The 2003 election for Mayor wasn’t competitive, and it definitely wasn’t close. John Street beat Sam Katz 58% to 41%, by almost 80,000 votes. I guess you think the 2006 US Senate election between Bob Casey and Rick Santorum also was close, or at least competitive, right? Well, Casey beat Santorum by 17%, a nearly identical margin as in the 2003 Philly Mayor election. If you think the 17% margin in that election was close, or even competitive, perhaps that is why the Philly GOP has no success.

    The last competitive election (and it was close too) was in 1999. That was 15 years ago. So maybe you should re-read and re-calculate.

  8. My only beef is why didn’t they expand it out further?
    – Blondell Reynolds Brown
    – Chaka Fattah
    – Philadelphia Traffic Court

  9. Joe DeFelice has been Exec Director for less than a year, and the last GOP win was in 89, so 30 years is a bit inaccurate. The last competitive citywide election was only in 2003. Maybe if the Democrats in philly didn’t screw up repeatedly, the GOP wouldn’t be making graphics to point that out.

  10. These are the kind of distraction tactics that the GOP pulls all over the country. In order to deflect attention away from their own failed attempts at leadership Harrisburg and DC, they roll out these silly charts and childish commercials. I wouldn’t expect anything less of them.

  11. I guess the Philly GOP has decided to draw brackets rather than win elections. The Philly GOP hasn’t won a real election in almost 30 years (2 of 3 seats it has on City Council and the one GOP City Commissioner are guaranteed to a minority party by law).

    Joe DeFelice should win an election before running his mouth. Just come close to winning an election, because you haven’t even done that in 15 years. Wake me when that happens. Until then, keep drawing brackets and losing elections, just like a little kid would do.

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