Poll Results: Readers, Judge Simpson Not on Same Page

If it were up to our PoliticsPA readers, opponents of the Voter ID law would’ve won in a landslide.

Poll results showed that 69 percent (with 380 votes cast) of readers believed that the Voter ID law would be struck down (or, rather, that the injunction would go through delaying the law’s implementation), whereas 31 percent (with 171 votes) believed the law would be upheld and the injunction denied.

However, as with a recent poll on the Affordable Care Act conducted in June, the minority vote prevailed yet again. A plurality of voters believed the individual mandate would be struck down, with a smaller portion saying the whole law would go. Only the smallest minority believed it would be upheld entirely – and they were right.

The ruling justice, Judge Robert Simpson, is known widely for his fairness and inability to be swayed by the political climate. He was appointed as a Democrat in 1989 by Gov Bob Casey Sr,, but switched over to the Republican Party.

An appeal is expected to be filed tomorrow on Judge Simpson’s ruling.

12 Responses

  1. The first and most glaring problem with this judge is that he’s a Casey appointee. Most Democrat-appointed justices are leftist agitators who are too soft on the lawless, leaving the law-abiding majority among us flailing in the face of our government’s burgeoning socialism, political correctness and rank corruption. This is, in essence, the very root of the so-called Progressives’ perversion of the electoral system . . . and the reason election outcomes must now be predicted not only with a factored-in “margin of error,” but allowing for a margin of FRAUD. By paving the way for duplicate voting and voting by illegal aliens and other non-eligibles, this guy is clearly doing HIS little part to get even for the 2010 midterms, which ousted several prominent liberals and ushered in a Republican Pennsylvania governor.

  2. “If it were up to our PoliticsPA readers, opponents of the Voter ID law would’ve won in a landslide.”
    Perhaps you should have said those who comment and take your polls.. You KNOW the disparity between those who come and those who comment and take polls as well as the political worldview of most of those who actually do. Many just read and never comment/take a poll.

  3. The ruling was correct. This whole thing is an orchestrated Democrat attack over prohibiting illegals, dead people and double voting. “Me thinks they protest too loudly.” As a Judge of Elections, I know how important it is to know who is voting and how easy it easy for a lax poll staff to let anyone grab a ballot.

    Today you can’t walk out your door without an ID and do almost anything.

    Besides…the argument that the infirm and aged will not be able to vote is moot. They can request an absentee ballot which only requires the last four of your SSN…no picture ID.

    So stop wasting time on the manufactured protests and help those who need it, get the proper ID. It will help them in many other ways as well.

  4. The majority polled believed it would be struck down because the overwhelming majority of citizens are aware of the corruption that exists within government/courts. Judge Simpson’s ruling gives them hope a few honorable men still do exist.

  5. How bizarre that a Commonwealth Court judge would come the same decision that the Supreme Court of the US did in a 6-3 decision authored by John Paul Stevens!

  6. “Thoughtful, politically aware people” who follow politics so closely that they somehow manage to get every prediction wrong.

  7. The only reason that there is not more documentation of voter fraud is that the Philadelphia Republican party has been bought off for years. Thank god this is coming to an end.

  8. Steven-

    It attracts a lot of thoughtful, politically aware people (and you as well).

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