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PPP Poll: Clinton 49% Trump 44%

clinton-trump-debateHillary Clinton leads the first post-debate poll of Pennsylvania voters.

The latest Public Policy Polling survey shows Clinton with 49% while Donald Trump is at 44%.

When Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein are included, Clinton’s lead increases to six points, 45% to 39%. Johnson and Stein receive 6% and 2% respectively.

The previous two PPP polls also had Clinton up by five points.

The numbers may not have moved but that doesn’t mean respondents didn’t have a clear opinion of who won the first general election debate.

By a 51% to 32% margin, voters believe Clinton won the contest.

Additionally while Clinton’s favorable/unfavorable numbers are still underwater, 42% to 51%, they are still better than Trump’s, 38% to 55%.

Finally, respondents were asked about the candidate’s preparedness for the office. A majority believe Clinton is prepared for the presidency (52/43), has the right temperament (51/41), and can be trusted with nuclear weapons (52/41). Meanwhile, a majority think Trump isn’t prepared (37/56), doesn’t have the right temperament (38/56) and can’t be trusted with nuclear weapons (40/54).

PPP even asked which candidate was more likely to cause a nuclear war, which Trump won by a 50% to 29%.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 886 likely Pennsylvania voters on September 27th and 28th. The margin of error is +/- 3.3%.

8 Responses

  1. This is all played out by Nostradamus, the Bible book of Revelation, and Astrology — Hillary Clinton will be president, Putin is the Antichrist, and Trump is his disciple.

  2. Pete C-

    Disagree with Clinton on policy, but when you try to pretend she’s not qualified, you lose all credibility for any future statements. You might as well start off with “the Earth is flat” or “the Sun goes around the Earth”.

  3. The state of our country is so bad that we are forced to accept one of these two UNQUALIFIED candidates as our President. No wonder our prestige is declining when we have these types of candidates.

  4. Unfortunately, Team Trump has allied themselves with the opportunistic incompetents in Pennsylvania’s State Republican Establishment.

    The Pennsylvania Republican Establishment is as incompetent as they are self-serving. Rob Gleason, Bob Asher, Christine Toretti, Charlie GID Gerow, Ray Zaborney, Hallowell and Branstetter are well paid while losing elections. I know these people and their record and they make DC look high minded. Salena Zito is the conduit the Team Gleason uses to get out its message and Terry Madonna, who says what everyone else is saying, informs us of the conventional wisdom.

    Charlie GID Gerow, Bob Asher who was paid millions by Romney PAC American Rambler, Ray Zaborney, Mike Long and Todd Nyquist. Hallowell and Branstetter. Val DiGiorgio and Alex Rahn in ChesCo are all Establishment consultants who are a part of the Gleason Asher DiGiorgio network of consultants who lost all five statewide Appellate court elections while getting paid 10s of 1000s of dollars to lose those elections.

    Val DiGiorgio and Alex Rahn are part of the Gleason-Asher statewide crony network of incompetent, self-serving losers: not one statewide state office has held by a Republican since 2012, including Attorney General, and Gleason-Asher lost five of five Appellate court contests November 2015. US Senator Pat Toomey has been made vulnerable.

    !!!The Republicans have won only one statewide election (Victor P. Stabile for Superior Court in 2013) since 2011.!!!

    In 2012, Democrats swept all three statewide offices; Treasurer, Auditor General and Attorney General for the first time since office was created and will,very likely,do so again in 2016.

    In 2014, Tom Corbett was shellacked by Leftist Tom Wolf. Tom Wolf won Chester County which Tom Corbett had won in 2010 and Bucks County which Tom Corbett had won in 2010. Total votes cast in 2014 were 3, 495,866 against 3, 987, 551 votes in 2010. Tom Corbett received 1,575.511 (against Tom Wolf’s 1, 920.366) so Tom Corbett received 600. 252 fewer votes in 2014 than 2010! So it was not the presidential race that drove the vote, it was Republicans not voting for the Republicans who had broken their promises of “No New Taxes; No New Fees.” Twice!

    In 2015, Democrats swept all five statewide Appellate Court judicial elections as well as all Montgomery county offices and all but one county judicial election. Even in Republican Chester County, two of five Appellate Court judicial candidates won.

  5. Agreed, David. He is just a con-man. I don’t love Hillary. But I can see that she is a much better choice than Trump. He is not just un-presidential. He is indecent. And unfit.

  6. It’s truly disturbing that the American people want their country to become a third world cesspool like Venezuela by voting Hillary Clinton into the WH. Amnesty and U.S. citizenship to the poor of the third world, she will sign the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), and will cede what little sovereignty the U.S has left to the U.N. Also sad to see Trump is viewed as the candidate who will start a Nuclear World War 3, while like Obama is doing now, Clinton will provoke conflict with Russia. China will then step in, and the rest will be history.

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