PPP Poll: Clinton 47% Trump 42%; McGinty 44% Toomey 41%

clinton-mcgintyThe Democratic candidates are still ahead.

According to the latest Public Policy Polling survey, Hillary Clinton and Katie McGinty are leading their respective races.

The poll was conducted for We Need Nine, an effort to advocate for Merrick Garland’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. In addition to questions on that topic, PPP also asked about the presidential and Senate contests.

Hillary Clinton got 47% against Donald Trump’s 42% while 11% were unsure. Meanwhile, Katie McGinty leads Pat Toomey 44% to 41% with 15% not sure.

Compared to PPP’s last survey, Clinton’s lead is unchanged while McGinty’s advantage is cut in half.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 814 likely Pennsylvania voters on August 30th and 31st. The margin of error is +/- 3.4%.

19 Responses

  1. Only the Democrat idiots in SouthEast PA and FilthaMafia would have voted themselves a city income tax, a county income tax and increase in the state income tax, a huge increase in the PA turnpike taxes [ie;tolls]in perpetuity, and then back Crooked Hillary who guarantees that she will hike their federal income taxes! What a bunch of clown idiots these Democrats are! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!!!

  2. Wally, I see what you did there. Instead of writing “coattails” you used the word “pig” because…well, because that’s the classy way you and your party do things.

    Keep on taking the high road. It’s working so well for you.

  3. “undocumented refugees” need I read past this phrase? do you understand what a refugee is? Whelp i did read on anyway, and it was unsurprisingly totally ungrounded in truth fear mongering. Trump is going to lose PA, maybe it’s time to go troll another site?

  4. The Democratic Party of Obama & Hillary doesn’t appear to be the party of caring about U.S. best interest.

    DECODING HILLARY’S HIDDEN E-MAILS- Hillary’s plans to bring 550,000 to probably millions of undocumented refugees to the U.S. is based on radical regimes and terror sympathizing countries giving tens of millions in donations to the Clintons’ Foundation. The pay for play intentions are to spread terrorism in the U.S. and use Hillary’s Oval office and control over taxpayer’s money to pay for it. Saudi Arabia refuses to take in any Syrian refugees because the risks of terrorism are too high and the closed-door plan helps spread terrorist to the west. Hillary is selling out America and the e-mails would probably give a clearer view.

    Obama’s policies have contributed to the MASSACRE of Boston, Los Angeles and Orlando communities. Under Obama’s directives, SUPPRESSING INFORMATION about religious ties to terrorism has been done to distort the truth and ignore obligations to monitor radicals living in the U.S. We have to wait and see what regimes will donate to the O foundation. Iran may have a few extra bills…

  5. PPP got a B+ from 538 and has a mean-reverted bias of R+0.2. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the results.

  6. SpongeBob-

    I should bookmark this as a post you made that I agreed with, and mark the date in the calendar.

  7. Trump also praised the leader of a known enemy to America. He does not hide well his chummy relationship with former KGB Putin.

  8. After tonight in NY, Hillary is going to be up even more. Trump was abysmal. He insulted the military – over and over. And he doesn’t know what the Hell he is talking about.

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