Q2: Margolies Raises $185K in PA-13

Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky
Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky

Former Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky rode her rolodex of contacts to a $185,000 finish in her first fundraising quarter. She has $160,000 on hand.

She is one of four Democrats hoping to succeed Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-Montco), who is running for Governor.

“I am so proud that the people who supported my first race for Congress, and those I worked closely with when I was in office, today stand with me once again in my bid to return to Washington,” Margolies said.

Margolies declared her candidacy on May 30, two months into the three-month quarter.

Her campaign named several high-profile donors from Washington, DC and the Clinton administration allies: former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, former Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala, former Director of OMB Alice Rivlin, former White House Chief of Staff Mack McLarty, Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer, and Clinton advisors Lanny Davis, Vernon Jordan, and Harold Ickes.

Margolies cast the deciding vote for President Clinton’s budget in 1993, and her son is married to Chelsea Clinton.

Her campaign also named PA donors, including Senator Harris Wofford, Montgomery County Democratic Chairman Marcel Groen and Vice Chair Joanne Olszewski, and State Representative Dwight Evans.

Physician and activist Valerie Arkoosh said she raised $285,000 in the second quarter. Arkoosh raised $215K in the first quarter, though she was a candidate for only 3 weeks at that point.

The other two Democrats in the race, state Rep. Brendan Boyle and state Sen. Daylin Leach, have not yet announced their fundraising results.

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  1. Poster “Sorry Josh!” —

    Umm… I hate to disappoint you, but Josh’s political career is pretty obviously statewide, not a step down to a Congressman.

    Congress is a step-up for Daylin from state senator, who we all need to see rocking the microphone on C-SPAN (but it would be a step-down for Josh).

    Here are my reasons:
    1) Montgomery county has more voters (about 23%) than a congressional district. So, Josh is now working from/representing a larger base.

    2) Montco Commission is a 4-year gig, and he’s the lead commissioner, not a freshman congressman in a D.C. game rigged by the entrenched big players.

    3) He doesn’t have to run every two years to keep a crappy, unforgiving job, and he gets to go home to his wife and kids every night (and it’s not a particularly long commute).

    4) He’s building ENORMOUS street-cred for improving Montco, taxes, business, infrastructure, services, etc. and doing it without partisan rancor, and he’s getting great press.

    5) Coupling this executive experience with his fine record as state legislator, makes him a great contender for Governor to succeed the Dem who replaces Corbett.

    6) Also, Josh almost threw his hat in the ring in 2009 to run against Specter, before Specter switched parties, and Sestak f*cked the whole thing up and wasting $20 million. So, Senate is another possibility for Josh to take a run at Toomey on 2022 (or an open seat if Sestak wins, and serves only one term, as promised in 2010 when he said he’d be too old on 2022 for a senate term).

    Josh is only 40. He can do two terms leading Montco, and have a great record to run on after 8 years of success and building his brand (and raising money).

    So, the idea of Josh being behind some plot to put in some short-timer, is ridiculous. Congress is already a step-backward for Josh TODAY. Six or 8 years from now we’ll be enjoying Senator Shapiro or Governor Shapiro.

  2. The ever scheming Josh Shapiro recruited MMM to run because she would only be there a couple terms and he wants that seat in the worst way. He knows if Daylin gets it, Josh won’t get a crack at it for a very long time. Sorry bout your luck there Joshy boy, Daylin is cruising to victory. You’ll have to be content with being a lowly commissioner for the foreseeable future.

  3. What happened with all the Contractors that she cheated when she had her house redone after the Fire ? What about the Brain Damage she claimed she had from overhead Luggage Falling on her head In a Commercial Airline she field Suit against . What about all the People her Ex Husband Ripped off Surely she had to know he was ripping off People cause where else would that money have come from . Ed Mezvinsky her ex husband tried to Claim he ripped off people because of a Malaria Vacicine he recieved before going on a Foreign trip Come on MMM Mrs Mezvinsky Cokme Clean with the People Tell US what You Knew and when you Knew it a Lot of shady stuff went on in Your Home in Penn Valley and you were at the very least a beneficiary of Money That was fraudulently Scammed from people by Your Husband

  4. So it looks like she is in trouble. Hopefully better quarters are ahead. I would hate to see her try to resurrect her career and embarrass herself!

  5. Keep on track. Keep raising money. Marjorie a canadate that puts America first her own needs last!

  6. Keegan-

    Naming Marcel as supporter??

    To my knowledge, Marcel has expressed general support of the candidates, but not a specific one (particularly Marjorie).

    If Marcel has come out in support of her over Daylin and the other candidates, that’s fine. Otherwise her campaign is being completely misleading to suggest she has preferred support.

    Keegan, could you please get clarification/confirmation from campaign and Marcel over what “support” means. (And, if it’s a exaggeration, please point that out with a correction).

  7. Shrewd but not an impressive move by her campaign trying to bury this on a Sunday afternoon. She’s related to the Clintons and she can only raise this much? Good luck getting Arkoosh or Daylin out with these poor numbers, Marjorie. This will definitely be a four way race now.

  8. That Margolies waited till the Sunday afternoon before the disclosure deadline to quietly release this is an open acknowledgement of how pathetically low a number $185k is for a competitive congressional primary. But why tout the support of Wall Street insiders like Rubin or Fox News Democrats like Lanny Davis if you can’t even raise a respectable amount of money from them? At least this proves Marjorie right, she’s still the same old center-right Democrat as she was in the 90s.

    Perhaps finally everyone mesmerized by the Clinton mystique will realize she is not a top tier candidate.

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