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Quinnipiac Poll: 2016 GOP Contenders Fight For PA Republicans’ Attention

Bush-ChristieThere’s no doubt that Hillary Clinton has a stronghold on the Pennsylvania Democratic field. The Republican pool, though, is a bit more muddled.

A new Quinnipiac University poll finds three GOP candidates — former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee — vying for Pennsylvania Republicans’ top attention now that 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney has dropped out.

Bush leads the pack with 12 percent, Christie following with 11 and Huckabee in third with 10.

Trailing behind them is former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, who polls at just 8 percent. Santorum is tied with conservative neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

As for Santorum, the survey carries even worse news. Just 56 percent of the state’s registered Republicans have a favorable opinion of the former senator, while a quarter have an unfavorable opinion and 19 percent don’t know enough about him.

Despite these numbers, almost a quarter (22 percent) of registered Republicans are undecided about which presidential candidate they prefer.

“The GOP race is all over the political map, with Governors Jeb Bush, Christopher Christie and Mike Huckabee jostling for the lead,” stated Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac poll.

Democratic Primary

The Democratic field, though, is dominated by Clinton, who leads with 54 percent of the vote. Her closest competitor is Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren with 12 percent support. Vice President Joe Biden comes in at 10 percent.

Just 15 percent of Democrats polled were undecided.

“Hillary Clinton needs binoculars to find a challenger in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary,” Malloy said. “Even Scranton-born Vice President Joseph Biden is just a blip out there somewhere.”

Interestingly, though, without Clinton in the running, it is Biden who tops the Democratic field. Polled for their second-choice candidate, 34 percent of Pennsylvania Democrats supported Biden, as opposed to 21 percent for Warren.

The Quinnipiac survey polled 342 registered Republicans and 392 registered Democrats in Pennsylvania from Jan. 22 to Feb. 1. The margins of error are +/- 5.3 and +/- 5 percent, respectively.

2 Responses

  1. 12%, 11%, 10%, 8%, and 8% – – that’s not any significant kind of pointspread

  2. From the Kennedy assassination up until 9/11 one hidden hand from Texas is ruling unchallenged all over this Country and the next US elections will extend its reach to the entire World.
    All that is happening in our days is the prelude to enormous changes but even before discussing in regard of the possible remedy one must be clear about how we came to this point recognizing both physiognomy and origin of the threat.
    Since George H. Bush was CIA director, the US secret State agencies had played a double role to finally get to where we are today when every person is constantly monitored by NSA and other agencies not to report the information to the US Government but to feed with all data the embryo of a new superpower still kept hidden.
    In brief, here is how it came to possess all means and to know everything of everyone.
    In 1988 the ex CIA director was elected president although this was a US president like no other. His attention quickly turned to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait from where he personally benefited immensely in exchange for the protection of those tyrants and their oil while in the United States instead the president observed his son, Neil, to be the author of the largest robbery of its time, the “Savings and Loans” scandal. After a few years, the next largest robbery in history was Enron that financed the electoral campaign for his other son, George. Once he also became president, the son plotted the most infamous attack on US soil, 9/11, to begin the widest monitoring program ever conceived and to consolidate for 8 years the interest of one family above all. The day before 9/11 the Bush administration announced missing 2.3 trillion dollars from the US State Department. It could not provide any explanation and was never again discussed following the events of 9/11. That is still today the largest robbery in history.
    In our days, a group of Zionists, like a hidden parallel government, with George Bush still today at the head of secret services in the US, UK and Israel, is the destabilizing force behind most terror events and with classified information at disposal and a private army is plotting what now would seem unthinkable to many. The spokesman for this group in the US Congress is John Mc Cain who reports the given orders weighing on the US administration. Incredibly, his picture taken with the chief of ISIS was discovered and reported by the news but with no consequence for the Senator since he is the one in charge of the Intelligence Committee.
    A World War and chaos everywhere have already been planned so that desperate people will soon invoke a New World Order without even knowing what that is.
    Not the protests or violence in the streets could ever oppose such threat to the whole Humankind.
    When Jeb Bush will be president, the next War will be inevitable and also come by surprise.
    It will be the excuse to completely abolish the concept of Equality and all human rights associated with it celebrating the rise of one “chosen people” so to weave Religions with their plot.
    Like the Robbery of all times in the name of a New World Order that in fact would want to appear as that Greater State of Israel already described in the Bible.
    The only possibility to counter the Zionist threat is for Humankind to drop all its borders and to become One single Country.
    Aside from any possible excuse of Religion or other, the Conflict needs to be defined from the beginning only pro or against Equality without distinctions for Religion, race or Country.

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