Quinnipiac Poll: Majority Oppose Iran Nuclear Deal

U.S.-IranPennsylvanians aren’t convinced.

A new Quinnipiac survey finds that an extraordinary 61% of Keystone State residents oppose the American nuclear deal with Iran. Just 26% support the accord.

By a nearly identical margin, 60% to 27%, respondents feel the Iranian nuclear deal would make the world less safe.

The opposition crosses all age brackets and extends to both genders. When broken down by party identification, only Democrats support the deal.

This poll could be particularly important as Democratic Senator Bob Casey has yet to indicate how he would vote even as the Administration nears the total needed to block a veto override.


The poll also found that PA citizens feel ISIS is a major threat and favor sending U.S. ground troops back into the Middle East.

Overall, 50% supported sending troops into Iraq and Syria to fight ISIS while 44% were opposed. Broken down, 30% strongly support such a maneuver while 20% somewhat support it. Conversely, 31% are strongly against sending any troops while 12% are somewhat against.

This time, though, there were major demographic disagreements.

For instance, 18-34 year olds (48/49) and people 65 and over (46/46) were much less hawkish than 35-49 year olds (55/39) and 50-64 year olds (53/43).

There was a huge gender gap as well. Women actually oppose such a course by a slim 46% to 44% margin. Meanwhile, 56% of men support a deployment against 41% who are opposed.

A partisan divide also exists. Republicans (66/28) are in favor of intervening while Democrats (37/55) and Independents (45/50) are not.

Everyone agrees, however, that the U.S. and its allies are losing the fight against ISIS. 65% believe we’re losing while just 16% think we’re winning.

This survey was conducted by Quinnipiac University using live interviewers calling land lines and cell phones. They contacted 1,085 registered Pennsylvania voters from August 7th to 18th. The margin of error is +/- 3 percentage points.

2 Responses

  1. Chicken Bob isn’t interested in his constituents’ opinion. Having Schumer come out against is causing him to go into hiding to work his Ouiji board.

  2. First, ever taken a Quinnie poll? They simply do not know how to ask an unslanted question. Second – this was taken over ELEVEN days? That is not acceptable polling methodology in any sense. These numbers are all but useless. That’s not to say that Bob Which-Way-Is-The-Wind-Blowing Casey won’t use them to take a cowardly stance, of course. He’s got a reputation to uphold as Senator with Least Backbone…

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