Reader Poll: ACA vs AHCA: Which Attack Will Have the Most Traction in PA?

Reader Poll ACA vs ACHA
Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

The debate over whether to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and to replace it with the American Health Care Act (ACHA) will have major implications in the 2018 midterm elections.  

Both the Republicans and Democrats have been messaging on the benefits and failures of the two plans.  The attacks will continue to increase as Pennsylvania gets closer to the midterm elections.  

So we put the question to you, in the healthcare debate, which attack will have the most traction in Pennsylvania?  

*We chose the most common attacks PoliticsPA has seen so far against the ACA and the ACHA

In the healthcare debate, which attack will have the most traction in PA?

  • Premiums have increased significantly under the ACA (19%)
  • ACHA is Obamacare-lite (18%)
  • Seniors will to pay more under the AHCA (17%)
  • Insurers are abandoning the ACA marketplace (16%)
  • Part-time workers have seen their hours reduced under the ACA (15%)
  • The CBO estimates 24 million would lose coverage under the AHCA (12%)
  • The rich would get the biggest tax breaks from AHCA (2%)
  • ACA is not worthwhile without a public option (1%)

Total Voters: 1,229

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13 Responses

  1. The first three attacks are all Repukelican talking points which are allBIG FAT LIES. All together, they get 51%.
    This confirms Trumps win in PA.
    But it’s reasonable to hold that most people filling out these polls are old white pensioners. Therefor it’s not a relevant poll, and there’s something to gain for Dems

  2. Jake: You should be “leary” (sic) of anything the GOP touts as a fix to anything. ACA should be fixed, by adding a “public option” that is either Medicare For All or the same plan that Congress has (and for the same premium Congress pays).

  3. How does kicking millions of people off of medicaid help with any of the problems you stated? It doesn’t it’s a tax break for the 1%, which clearly owns the Republican party.

  4. Anyone that believes reports from the CBO haven’t done their homework. They were way off in their predictions for the cost of Obamacare as well as the Medicare prescription drug plan. In the former, they underestimated the cost to consumers and in the latter they overestimated the costs, both by quite a bit. Much of what happens in bills of this nature depend on the marketplace and that won’t be known until the insurance companies decide what policies will be available. People may not need as generous subsidies or tax credits if the plans are cheaper because they aren’t loaded up with coverages people don’t need or want. I would be very leary of any predictions on cost or on who loses and who wins. One thing is known for certain, Obamacare did not work out as intended. Premiums are way too high, a third of the counties in the US only have one provider left and many plans can’t be used by the poor because the deductibles and copay are too high and they can’t afford to pay for needed tests. What good is insurance if you can’t afford to use it. Therefore, the system needs huge changes but assume nothing about how these new things will work. They better do something or Obamacare will just die a slow death on its own. It would help if the Democrats would help with some of the changes instead of acting like everything is fine. The Republicans, on the other hand don’t have to repeal the old act, just fix all the things that aren’t working.

  5. The most repeated talking point is that ACA is “collapsing” when it is not.

  6. Trumpcare. Couldn’t they name it after something else? I mean who really want’s his name on their healthcare (jk but not really)

  7. ACA needs reform, but the proposed AHCA will not get the job done. Waiting for possible future “stages” that may never come is not an answer either. Let’s take the time to do it right the first time. We need to hold both parties in Congress (both parties) responsible for doing better. We should not put health insurance (and thus care) out of the reach of those who need it most.

  8. This mess that is being mishandled should finish Ryan and also hurt the R’s in the mid-term elections

  9. The ACA is collapsing and must be replaced with a better plan. The American Health plan of the House gets us started in that direction.President Trump has indicated he is both flexible and resolute. I am optimistic for the first time in a long time.Republicans and Democrats need to put aside the talking points and put the interests of our country first.

  10. GOPers stripping healthcare away from 1.1M PA residents. I think that’s a good reason to vote Democrat in 2018.

  11. Why not let us check off ALL the reasons why ACHA is wrong for PA? Why limit it to only one when there are so many valid objections to this debacle that will destroy healthcare in PA?

  • Will Doug Mastriano Run For U.S. Senate?

    • No. Not Enough Support From Mainstream GOP. (91%)
    • Yes. Let Doug Be Doug. (9%)

    Total Voters: 892

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