Reader Poll: Balchunis to Win Dem Nomination in PA-7

PA-7Mary Ellen Balchunis is the reader’s’ choice.

Our readers believe the PA-7 2014 nominee will be the 2016 nominee.

299 respondents ultimately went with Balchunis.

On the other hand, 162 readers think that pastor Bill Golderer will win the primary.

The full results are included below:

Who Do You Believe Will Be the Democratic Nominee in PA-7?

  • Mary Ellen Balchunis (65%)
  • Bill Golderer (35%)

Total Voters: 461

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February 9th, 2016 | Posted in Congress, Features, Front Page Stories, Poll, Top Stories | 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “Reader Poll: Balchunis to Win Dem Nomination in PA-7”

  1. PA Expat says:

    The most evolved form of the mythical gerrymander – A grotesque dragon descending upon Philadelphia

  2. Barbara Blum says:

    What political experience does Golderer have? To get anything done one must have a background in dealing with other pols. Even a local committee person, school board, sheriff. Being a person who has concern for the needy, the ones who need help, is just not enough. I really resent outsiders from the National Dem party coming to Philadelphia and suburbs and telling the locals what to do. Before the most recent Congressional election, I contacted both the State Democratic Campaign Committee and The NDCC and asked for help in finding a candidate. I am not an official of the Delaware County party, but it seemed no one was seeking a candidate. Neither of those groups even responded to my quest. Mary Ellen Balchunis offered her self and her impressive resume. She lost in our gerrymandered district. She fought an impressive fight, and is working even harder now. I resent the powers to be coming up with a candidate to run against her, particularly when he does not have the credentials , other than raising money

  3. steventodd says:

    Look at PA-7. The poster child of the gerrymandering its apologist say either doesn’t exist or doesn’t affect our representation.

  4. PA Dem says:

    This is the last time anyone mentions Mary Ellen Balchunis

  5. PhillyPolitico says:

    Mary Ellen Balchunis just got outraised by Golderer like 20-1. I understand local activists like her, but if people think she’s going to win they are delusional.

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