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Reader Poll: Cawley is The Strongest Republican Gubernatorial Candidate in a General Election

Gov_Seal_2015The results are in, and a majority of our readers think former Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley would be the strongest Republicans Gubernatorial candidate in a general election.  

60% of the 6,881 responses said that Cawley would be the strongest.  30% said State Senator Scott Wagner (R-York), 5% said state House Speaker Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny), and 4% said Paul Mango.  

Cawley has not officially entered the race, but has been rumored to be considering a bid.  


Who is the strongest Republican Gubernatorial candidate in a general election?

  • Lt. Governor Jim Cawley (60%)
  • State Sen. Scott Wagner (30%)
  • Speaker Mike Turzai (5%)
  • Paul Mango (4%)

Total Voters: 6,881

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9 Responses

  1. everybody knows Turzai @ 5%
    nobody knows Mango @ 4%

    anybody still believe Turzai runs?

  2. While Scott remits mailings and holds events throughout the commonwealth, Jim is inert; thus, when one candidate is so otherwise dominant publicly, it’s difficult to conjure the entry of either of the other two…particularly in this Trumpian era within the GOP.

  3. Dale Kerns might beat Casey head to head Justin, but the GOP field might dillute votes when added to the race.

  • Does the NYC Verdict Make You More or Less Likely to Vote For Trump in 2024?

    • Less Likely (36%)
    • More Likely (34%)
    • Makes No Difference (30%)

    Total Voters: 112

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