Reader Poll: Do You Support Gov. Corbett’s Plan to Remove the Cap on Wholesale Gas Taxes?

Tom-Corbett-portrait-lores3Governor Tom Corbett is slated announce his transportation plan on February 5th.  The proposal will include ways to increase funding for public transportation, roads, and bridges.

One suggested way to generate funds for the planned projects is the removal of the cap on the oil company franchise tax.

Wholesale gasoline taxes are currently limited to $1.25 per gallon.  According to the Corbett administration, the profits from uncapping the gas tax could eventually yield up to $2 billion per year, which would go a long way toward raising the $2.5 billion currently needed to fix transportation in the state.

Do you support Governor Corbett's plan to remove the cap on taxes paid by gasoline wholesalers?

  • Yes, this will help restore much needed funding to Pennsylvania transportation. (75%)
  • No, I do not support a tax increase. (26%)

Total Voters: 699

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16 Responses

  1. Gasoline taxes were first opposed about 80 years ago, because it was feared they would just go into the general funds. But now, we are dipping into the general funds for roads and other transportation expenses. Transportation fuel taxes should be considered user fees. They should be applied to all transportation modes. That would encourage energy efficiency.

  2. First, this is about gas tax and funding not about the pediphile!
    Although funding road projects is a hot debated topic I would only support a fixed tax on gasoline. In our neighboring state of NY the gas tax fluxuates with prices and in my opinion hurts people living on a fixed income. The last time I noticed the tax in NY was $0.38 a gallon. Taxes in PA are high enough now why don’t the politicians see this and CUT WASTEFUL SPENDING across the board. Audit all departments and implement 401(k) style retirement for ALL government employee’s to begin the process. Why is it when the government requires more money the answer is more taxes! Enough is enough!

  3. I support uncapping the oil franchise tax– even if the oil companies pass it on to me. When gas goes up 5 cents a gallon, no one blinks when that money goes to the oil companies or worse– some middle eastern country. But people get ticked off when that same 5 cents goes to the state. What’s wrong with that picture? Personally, I’d prefer the state widen our roads or expand train service than giving it to some company or foreign nation.

  4. Identifying and securing increased and sustainable funding sources for transportation and infrastructure repairs and improvements are crucial for individual users and future economic growth in Pennsylvania.

  5. stop wasting money on design work doing design work two or more times. The average person would not be able to afford higher gas prices that this would cost so more people would not be traveling anywhere when the only place they can go will be to work.

  6. This is about the GAS TAX, not Sandusky. You one-note-Johnnys’ bigotry is exceeded only by your ignorance. Of COURSE the trooper believed there was enough evidence. That’s what cops DO. But he didn’t have to prosecute it. Now you want verdict by cop instead of by prosecutor and jury? You’re a fascist idiot if that’s what you believe. And hard as it is for you to believe, legislative corruption is more pernicious to the entire system than is one pedophile and a dozen boys, sad as that is. Thank God you’re too dumb to run for office — aren’t you?

  7. If you really think Corbett is going to be found to have improperly acted as a result of campaign contributions from second mile and that those whopping few thousand dollars influenced effected his investigation in any way, you are stupid. This is so clearly a partisan campaign story that conspiracy theory fanatics and people in the game to hate a republican are desperate to believe. It is pathetic that every post about the Governor you feel the need to ramble on with incorrect facts to perpetuate a lie. Grow up.

  8. “4. As governor, why did you personally approve a taxpayer-funded, $3 million grant to Sandusky’s Second Mile charity, given your knowledge that Sandusky was under investigation for multiple child rapes? Your statement that blocking the grant would have tipped people off to the investigation is utterly disingenuous, particularly since the media reported on the investigation in March, and you did not approve the funds until July 2011. Vetoing the charitable grant would have simply been viewed as another financial cutback in a budget full of slashed programs. Did the $640,000 in campaign donations from board members of the Second Mile, along with their businesses and families, have anything to do with your actions? If not, fine. But how did such a massively significant point slip your mind—until the media brought it up? And was that question also out of line?”- From:4 Sandusky Questions Tom Corbett Needs to Answer Now
    Let’s talk about your $3 million grant to the Second Mile.
    By Chris Freind 7/17/2012 The Philly Post

    “but don’t use this case as a vehicle to criticize the one person who stopped sandusky. its despicable.”-publius

    I agree, let Kathleen Kane do it.

  9. RE: electedface.

    the 647000 figure you cite is a lie and you know it. the actual figure is more like 18,000. and corbett assigned four investigators, not one. if you dont like corbett fine, but don’t use this case as a vehicle to criticize the one person who stopped sandusky. its despicable.

  10. Everybody hates taxes, and everybody would prefer to pay less money for gas than more, but the gas tax is basically invisible. The price of gas fluctuates up and down by a few cents every week. The reality is that this is a tax increase that will be unpopular up until the day of the vote, and then it will be basically forgotten after that. Nobody is going to notice.

  11. As Attorney General, Tom Corbett received over $647,000 in campaign contributions from members of the Second Mile Foundation, while only assigning one investigator to the case.

    Meanwhile, at the same time, he assigned 14 investigators to Bill Deweese and spent
    more than 5 years trying to get him.

    It is difficult to believe these campaign contributions did not improperly influence his decision to not file charges against Jerry Sandusky.

    The state police trooper who initially handled the Clinton County case against Jerry Sandusky believed there was enough evidence from a teenage boy — known as Victim One– to charge Sandusky with indecent assault.

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