Reader Poll: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

clinton-trump-debateWith the first presidential debate taking place yesterday, we thought now would be the perfect time to survey our readers yet again on the Clinton-Trump race.

We plan to periodically test the presidential and other races to see how voters’ opinions do or do not change.

In May, as the primaries wound down, Clinton won with 55%.

Then in July, after the conventions, we found she was still ahead but only by a razor-thin margin.

So, dear readers, we ask you once more.

If the Election Were Today, Would You Vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

  • Donald Trump (52%)
  • Hillary Clinton (48%)

Total Voters: 1,563

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21 Responses

  1. No, I will not vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Why wasn’t that a possible answer to what I consider a yes/no question. People in PA have 5 choices for president and you only give us readers 2 options in your poll? Sounds like you may be trying to forward the duopoly’s narrative instead of getting an accurate count of your reader’s voting plans.

  2. I for one wished someone would fact check the media these partisan yellow journalism hacks care more about what they think than what they should be reporting. Agenda driven news is a form of brainwashing plus they all think they are above reproach. Pathetic!

  3. I concur with the inclusion of Johnson and Stein. Otherwise, you’ll get false votes for either Hillary or Trump, votes they won’t get in November when, for example, I vote for Johnson.

  4. Minor party candidates aren’t in the running to win and generally aren’t going to count in the elections.

  5. Bill Clinton got us in the war in Kosovo. He signed bad trade agreements that are the cause of our problems today. Why would we vote for him? Trump is not the ideal candidate but is a lot better than him.

  6. No one disrespects women more than Bill Clinton (Monic; Jennifer and more) and by complicity, Hillary stands by him. Trump failed to point this out.

  7. This Tim guy is the prototypical Trumpanzee. I actually feel shame for him. Embarrassment that such unhinged lunacy has become the standard for conservatism. Conservatism once at least feigned respect, decorum, and consideration of facts.
    No longer, obviously. No conservative push-back on these extremists and morons. Once-useful idiots have usurped the ideology, and the party of Reagan has become the party of Trump, of Hannity, of Palin. This cannot be blamed on Clinton or Obama, or some unnamed dark-skinned evil.
    Conservatism has imploded, and Tim is the poster-child.

  8. I second Craig’s complaint. I do not intend to vote for either Trump or Clinton. I will be voting for Jill Stein. Omitting Johnson and Stein renders your poll less than useless.

  9. Nobody ever told trump that when you run around screaming that you’re not crazy you come off even more crazy. Did he also suggest last night that Iran would not see an attack on one of their ships as an act of war? I’m surprised hosting a reality tv show didn’t prepare him more for a debate on foreign policy. SMH

  10. Everybody BETTER ! Vote for Trump because he is going to put my cousin Stevie Zappala junior Junior’s relative on the U.S. Supreme Court. He might be an Irish F¥£€ but he listens to our Godfather, big Steve and our Consigliere, Charlie. That’s all you need to know until it’s too late

  11. Of course the libtard Clintonistas and Obamatons here at PoliticsPA are going to say she won the debate! Mindless democrat drones! Drink the Clinton Kool-Aid! Won’t you be surprised if she is elected and raises your Federal Taxes! Then the joke will be on YOU! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!!!

  12. It’s a medical miracle! She was able to stand for 90 minutes straight! Those must be some good drugs her Doctors are injecting her with! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

  13. I will not vote for any of the candidates. Sadly, none of them should be anywhere near the oval office.

  14. Why have Gary Johnson and Jill Stein yet again been omitted from the poll? This is not a binary choice between Trump & Clinton. I’m unable to vote in these presidential polls b/c you guys keep leaving out the candidate that I plan to vote for!

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