Reader Poll: Kenney is the Democratic Choice

Kenney-AnnouncementOur readers are pulling for ex-Councilman Jim Kenney.

In the Democratic field of six candidates, Kenney received about 48% of the vote in our poll.

745 respondents are backing Kenney, while 508 support Anthony Williams.

There was a big drop-off to the third-place candidate Lynne Abraham with 147 readers.

Doug Oliver received eighty-three votes while Milton Street and Nelson Diaz finished with 34 and 28 respectively.

The full results are included below:

Who are You Supporting in the Philadelphia Mayoral Democratic Primary?

  • Jim Kenney (48%)
  • Anthony Williams (33%)
  • Lynne Abraham (10%)
  • Doug Oliver (5%)
  • Milton Street (2%)
  • Nelson Diaz (2%)

Total Voters: 1,545

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5 Responses

  1. Jim Kenney is a protege of Vince Fumo who financed and supported him in Jim Kenney’s early days and now Jim Kenney is endorsed and financed by John Dougherty. Fumo-Dougherty is a frightening combination.

  2. Brett Mandel’s endorsement isn’t a plus. He does worse and worse each election. Soon he’ll be in Milton Street territory. He’s certainly lost any chance of maintaining progressive voters over the years.

  3. No surprise that Mandel is endorsing Williams, another captive of the downtown business elites, just like him. It’s also no surprise that the number one reason Mandel is for him is Williams’ commitment to trickle down economics, specifically his plan to kill the City’s business tax. As Mandel has been preaching for so many years now, killing the tax is supposed to create “tax-base growth.” And if it doesn’t happen — as it never does — too bad for those who rely on City services. It’s no wonder that Williams is the go-to Democrat that Republicans in Harrisburg always look to first to advance their agenda.

  4. Brett Mandel just disseminated a thoughtful “Blast” e-mail endorsing Williams; I concur…and it is noted that the rationale is mutually-exclusive of the level of union-support he does/doesn’t enjoy.

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