Reader Poll: Lewis should be the GOP nominee in the 11th

PA 11 RepublicansThe results are in, and a plurality of our readers think that Andrew Lewis should be the Republican nominee in the 11th district.  

The incumbent Congressman Lou Barletta (R-Luzerne) is reportedly running to challenge Senator Bob Casey next year.

47% of the 17,342 responses picked Lewis to be the nominee.  38% picked former Revenue Secretary Dan Meuser, 13% picked state Representative Tarah Toohil (R-Luzerne), and 2% said state Representative Stephen Bloom (R-Cumberland).  


Who should be the GOP nominee in the 11th Congressional district?

  • Andrew Lewis (47%)
  • Fmr. Revenue Sec. Dan Meuser (38%)
  • State Rep. Tarah Toohil (13%)
  • State Rep. Stephen Bloom (2%)

Total Voters: 17,342

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August 22nd, 2017 | Posted in Front Page Stories, Poll | 13 Comments

13 thoughts on “Reader Poll: Lewis should be the GOP nominee in the 11th”

  1. Northumberland county says:

    We in Northumberland, Montour and Columbia don’t know who Lewis is… he lost a primary last year for senate…no chance he honestly won this poll

  2. Zakrey Bissell says:


  3. Hmm... says:

    We need Meuser to pass so Toohil can solidify NEPA vote in this district. Only way to beat one of these southern part of the district candidates.

  4. LewisBot 5000 says:

    17,342 responses? Andrew Lewis is truly the champion of vote bots and macros everywhere!

    1. Fake News says:

      Yikes, talk about a dumb strategy backfiring… it’s so obvious… PoliticsPA really should change their poll so desperate candidates have to do more than have a computer algorithm cast another vote every 5 seconds.

    2. Not a vote bot says:

      Looks to me like at least two candidates organized to try and win this poll. Meuser’s “bots” as you put it only had a few votes less than Andrew’s. looks to me like Toohil would have won or gotten close if Meuser and Lewis didn’t try to take over the poll…

      1. Also not a vote bot says:

        Love the implication that Toohil got 2K+ votes au naturale. Good one!

        1. Definitely a vote bot says:

          Lewis, Meuser and Toohil all spending time on vote bots – and here I thought the GOP wanted to crack down on voter fraud

  5. BucksVoter says:

    You have to pay your dues and be in the trenches before you earn any Party nomination, especially for a top ballot office. Lewis doesn’t qualify.

    1. Hmm... says:

      Didn’t we just elect Donald Trump with his Pennsylvania victory hinging on gains in this district and a couple others? Voters are sick of the insiders that failed to repeal Obamacare or get anything else done. We are in the age of the political outsider.

  6. Jackson Righthammer says:

    Andrew Lewis personifies the future of the Republican Party. For too long, current elected officials and stakeholders of the smoke-filled backrooms have dominated the political scene here in Pennsylvania. It is refreshing to see a young businessman with bonafide conservative credentials win this poll. I hope he runs and wins.

  7. Robert Strongjaw says:

    Shows you what regional curiosities like Toohil and Bloom, and rich fat cats who run for every office like Meuser, really bring to the table: not a whole lot of anything.

    Grassroots candidates like Andrew Lewis, businessman and veteran, are the future of the GOP! Lou Barletta would be proud to have him as his successor.

    1. Try being honest says:

      Do you really believe your own bologna ? These negatives on Meuser r baseless..and untrue.. sadly they seem to becoming from the minions of the “future of the party” . Let’s get real and start winning rather than wineing

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