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Reader Poll: Majority Want to Get Rid of Petitions

Nominating_Petition-300x225The readers have spoken, they want Pennsylvania to get rid of petitions, and move to a filing fee to get candidates on the ballot.  

54% of the 623 voters want candidates to just pay a fee to get their name on the ballot, while 46% think petitions are a great way to sort out valid candidates who have a chance of winning the primary.  

Are petitions the best way for candidates to get on the ballot?

  • Candidates should just have to pay a fee to get their name on the ballot. (54%)
  • Petitions are a great way to sort out valid candidates who have a chance of winning the primary. (46%)

Total Voters: 623

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9 Responses

  1. In Kansas you can get on the Ballot for US Senator but simply paying a Filing fee with no sinitures required . Really one should only have to file a Notorized statement that one wants to run for a specific Position

  2. sure petitions are annoying. Geez you go out and meet the voters . sounds pretty small d democratic process to me. sweat equity campaign not financial. At least this year you are not FREEZING . It is not a POLL TAX. Read some history. Oh and please check the election code for the correct numbers. 20 counties not really and the minimum is 100 but it is better to collect more than the minimum. IT IS A BIG STATE

  3. Gathering 200 valid signatures from at least 20 twenty different counties is a chore when attempting to get on the ballot for Appellate Courts races. However it is not an insurmountable challenge to an attorney or county judge who seeks to run for an appellate court judgeship. But it does indicate that an appellate court candidate at least has some semblance of state-wide support. If the petition signature gathering requirement is dropped,our appellate court races are going to turn into anarchy as a multitude of lawyers will pay the filing fee and hope that they draw a good ballot position.

  4. The benefits of Kathy Kane are still being reaped. Seth will soon be out of Philly DA office, and possibly headed to jail. Two crooked PA Supreme Court perverts are gone. There were others gone too. How about they clean house at Judicial Conduct Board and fire unethical Graci?

  5. I’d be interested in a story on how the petition process started and how if differs from how other states do it. I’ve never read anything about this.

  6. Petitions are annoying, that’s for sure, but you need something other than a filing fee. Poor people have the right to run for office too.

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