Reader Poll: Over Two-Thirds Disapprove of State Legislature

pa-state-capitol-b175d9a07740ecf3In what should probably not be much of a surprise, Harrisburg isn’t too popular.

Last week, we asked our readers about Governor Wolf and he didn’t fare well.

We felt it was only fair to then put the state legislature’s approval up for a vote. Turns out they’re even more unpopular than the Governor.

420 readers, or just shy of seventy percent, said they disapprove of the legislature.

Only 193 respondents approve of the job the State Senate and State House are doing.

The full results are included below:

Do you approve or disapprove of the State Legislature’s overall job performance?

  • Disapprove (69%)
  • Approve (31%)

Total Voters: 613

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3 Responses

  1. DELCO Observer.
    Let me guess, you are a Left Wing Nut Job! You have to be because you can’t see that the Tea Party is the only group of people trying to save this Country.

  2. The entire Legislature should pay attention as to how Senator Vance votes – she voted for Brown because it’s what her constituents wanted – imagine that! A legislator actually listening to the people instead of to the money. I’m not a Republican, but I admire anyone who will do that. Enough of the hardened ideology from both sides.

  3. No surprise here. The Legislature has been out of sync with the majority of everyday Pennsylvanians and rendered ineffective by the GOP and their dysfunctional agenda for decades – whether it was the GOP Senate blockading Governor Rendell or the radicals pushing for ridiculous and deeply unpopular tea party infused proposals during the Corbett Administration, or now the games the Legislature is playing to block Governor Wolf at every turn. The remedy is easy…in 2016, turn out to vote and vote them all out!

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