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Reader Poll: PA Should Allow Independents To Vote in Primaries

If PoliticsPA readers could change the current primary system in the state, they would.

With 681 votes casted, 58% of PoliticsPA readers believe that Independents should be allowed to vote in the Pennsylvania primary. 42% polled believe the primary system should remain closed.

The poll also shows that Democrats and those who would most likely vote in their upcoming primary are more likely to support an open primary system. 37% of self identified Democrats or those who lean Democratic believe the primary should be open, while 21% in the party or lean towards the Dems believe that Independents should not be able to vote in their primary.

Republicans or GOP leaning Independents were nearly split even on this issue. 144 self-identified Republicans or GOP leaning Independents voted yes to an open primary, while 141 in the party or lean towards the GOP believe that the primary system should not change.

681 readers weighed in on this poll.

Should PA Allow Independents to Vote In Primaries?

  • Yes, Democrat (37%)
  • Yes, Republican (21%)
  • No, Democrat (21%)
  • No, Republican (21%)

Total Voters: 681

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7 Responses

  1. Any elected official that can cross file is neither a Democrat or Republican and Independents should be allowed to vote on those positions in the Primaries.

  2. Bernie Sanders, a devout Socialist, runs as an Independent, caucuses 100% of the time with Democrats – enough said for Independents voting in another parties primary.

  3. If you whining Dems and GOPs were DUES PAYING party members instead of just for-free registering freeloaders, I’d pay attention to your moans. We DUES PAYING Libertarians have a stake in our party and in the electoral process. Unhappily, the “independents” proposal is not for a truly open primary. But all you political party hacks have done is register, which is free, so don’t spew that guff about “my party.” Neener neener.

  4. If a voter does not have enough guts to register Republican, then I don’t want them selecting my candidates for the General Election in November.

    1. I’m a Democrat and I feel the same way about people not registered as a Democrat not being able to choose the nominees in my party.

  5. Why is there no Republican energy for redistricting??? Same old stuff over and over.

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    • No. He should not step aside. (39%)
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