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Reader Poll: Pennsylvania’s Minimum Wage Should Be $12 in 2020

The minimum wage debate continues in Harrisburg, but the readers of PoliticsPA overwhelmingly agree that a raise is needed.

59% believe the minimum wage should be $12 an hour in 2020, falling in line with Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposal which calls for that wage by July 1, 2019. Wolf’s proposal calls for the rate to gradually increase by 50 cents until it reaches $15 an hour in 2025.

A quarter of those polled sided with a $9.50 minimum wage for 2020, which is what 2018 GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner said he’d support.

17% believe the minimum wage should stay put at $7.25 next year in the state.

593 readers weighed in on this poll.

The full results are included below.

Reader Poll: What Should Pennsylvania’s Minimum Wage Be in 2020?

  • $12 (59%)
  • $9.50 (25%)
  • $7.25 (17%)

Total Voters: 593

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6 Responses

  1. When I pay my workers more money I will raise my prices so we’re do you make more cause every business will Have to do the same .Also if a worker is making 15 now will he or she teach the new guy who is starting at that i worked my whole life to earn 17 and i own my business and have 3 workers that are paid 8,10,11 . I’m 59 and seasonal worker I’m sorry this will hurt businesses

  2. The poll was deeply flawed. It did not go high enough. I want $15, so I couldn’t vote. Your results indicate that I was not alone.

    Run it again, with options from $7.25 (no change) to say $25. Then you have some confidence in what you readers want.

  3. I am supporting a $20 dollar minimum wage in Pennsylvania in 2020 because the numbers match and I am a matching kind of gal!

  4. It’s absurd to suggest that the economic sky will fall in if after a decade the minimum wage is increased. People earning minimum wage often are working several jobs to eek by and often with little or no healthcare associated with these jobs and the same for retirement. So, we can’t cut folks struggling to get by a small break?? The wages for servers (tips wages) is $2 plus an hour which is shameful.

  5. What does this mean for those who are disabled as the cost of living skyrockets to pay for this huge increase?

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