Reader Poll: Rafferty or Shapiro for AG?

rafferty-shapiroOne of our goals this year is to do periodic updates on statewide election contests.

The Attorney General battle has been one of those races.

In June, Rafferty emerged victorious 55% to 44% in our most popular survey ever.

Then in August, the Republican nominee won again by a 60% to 40% margin.

So will Rafferty pull off the three-peat or will Josh Shapiro finally get the win?

If the Election Were Today, Who Would You Vote For in the Attorney General Contest?

  • John Rafferty (52%)
  • Josh Shapiro (48%)

Total Voters: 1,353

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17 Responses

  1. Parseltongued Mike Long and Todd Nyquist are John Rafferty’s campaign managers and have been entwined for more than 12 years when Rafferty was first elected to the Senate. Long and Nyquist are the quintessential incestuous crony Establishment lobbyists as their website documents.

    Long and Nyquist are the lobbyists for the deadly duo of Republican Corporate Cronies AND Democratic Union Wendell Young IV’s United Food and Commercial Workers Union, the primary opponent to Liquor Control reform and, of course, pension reform in Pennsylvania. And Nepotists.

    Why Republicans Lose In Pennsylvania- a house divided by two-faced, double-talking Political Profiteering self-serving lobbyists

    Investigation puts scrutiny on lobbyists, political ties

    BY BRAD BUMSTED AND MIKE WERESCHAGIN | Saturday, May 28, 2016, 10:00 p.m.

    On behalf of industries and professionals they represent, more than 900 lobbyists spent more than $500 million last year to push, shape or block legislation in Pennsylvania’s General Assembly. That’s nearly $2 million per legislator and far more than the about $287 million state taxpayers pay to run the nation’s largest full-time legislature of 253 members, a Tribune-Review analysis found.

    Those same legislators pay some lobbyists — many of them their former aides — to run their election campaigns, meaning each relies on the other for millions of dollars every election cycle. But the lobbying industry again is under increased scrutiny as a result of a federal investigation.


    The ties between Long Nyquist and Senate leadership — indeed, between many lobbying firms and the leaders they try to sway — run deep.

    Todd Nyquist, of Long Nyquist, is Scarnati’s former chief of staff; Tim Nyquist, Todd’s twin, is a former Scarnati aide. Mike Long, Todd’s partner, is former chief of staff to ex-Senate President Pro Tempore Robert Jubelirer, R-Altoona; Long’s wife Amy, is a former GOP Senate and House staffer. Nyquist’s wife, Noel, is a former Senate Republican aide working at Long & Nyquist.

    Megan Crompton, wife of Senate Republican General Counsel Andrew Crompton, works at Long Nyquist, while Long’s son, Casey, is a top aide to Scarnati.

    When Zaborney wanted to expand his lobbying business, he hired Krystjan Callahan, former chief of staff to now-House Speaker Mike Turzai, R-Marshall.

    John Rafferty opposed Sen. Scott Wagner’s Paycheck Protection. March 2015

    Independent Republican Scott Wagner The purpose of this email is to give you an update on “Paycheck Protection” legislation.

  2. No one can seem to understand why Rafferty isn’t running a campaign. Like him or not, he seems like a substantial candidate for an office like attorney general. You’d think, as the chair of a major senate committee and a long serving member of the senate, he’d be able to raise some money and put together a decent campaign. Seems like he’s either getting really bad advice or he has given up?

  3. Son, Kmart has been a derelict place ever since before your father left me pregnant and broke, laying on my back, as usual.

  4. Joshie Boy practices law at Stradley to the same extent Fast Eddie Rendell practices at Ballard: strictly there for rainmaking and influence over judicial appointment and government contracts. In other words, old-fashioned corruption of the kind perfected by David Cohen.

  5. Mike: where is your proof of what you state at 12:21? Go to Stradley website where it details Josh practices real estate & corporate law. Josh was the impetus for Dennis O’Brien being picked as House Speaker when he wouldn’t.t support Bill DeWeese for another term while the Democrats held the majority in the state House.

  6. Sean Ryan, what?? Calling someone a SUPER JEW? Disgusting anti-semite. People like you are rotten to their core.

  7. Amateur hour, please stop comparing a short-term back-bencher in the House to a Senate Committee Chairman. It’s not even close.

    Bono, do you honestly believe that Shapiro has done a day of legal work at Stradley Ronon? Law firms (see Ballard Spahr) have politicos on their web sites for marketing, not legal work. Not even Shapiro would claim to have practiced law at Stradley Ronon or anywhere else. He’s never seen a courtroom for a criminal or civil case. The guy is simply not a lawyer. LESS EXPERIENCE THAN KATHLEEN KANE AND EVEN MORE POLITICAL AMBITION.

    Online poll of online people on random website may not be indicative of actual results, is simply a method to get pageviews.

    Film at 11.

  9. Has John Rafferty started a campaign yet? He seems like a decent guy but there’s no sign he’s doing anything in this election. Has he realized he’s going to lose and just given up?

  10. So Josh has never practiced law, Mike? Then what is he doing at the Stradley, Ronen, Stevens & Young law firm? You obviously don’t know what you are talking about.

  11. Her is a perfect example why Mike Long has never won a statewide campaign and will never win one. Read Mike’s post. First he says Shapiro never practiced law a day in his life. Then Mike writes that Rafferty practices law in the legislature. Um, Shapiro worked in the legislature, too, which means he practiced law quite a bit in his life, according to Mike’s logic. What a simpleton. Mike you should stick to winning state Senate races in Elk County handed to you by Scarnati, and let the professionals handle the big stuff.

  12. John Galt, not quite right. Kathleen Kane had not “practiced law in recent memory.” To be accurate, Josh Shapiro has NEVER practiced law. Not one day in his life. John Rafferty practiced law in the courtroom and he practices law in the Senate, most of the time focusing on DUI laws in the Transportation Committee and other criminal laws in the Judiciary Committee.

    People who hang their hat on Shapiro’s “management experience” seem to think the Attorney General’s Office is like the local K Mart.

  13. Does anyone else find it strange that these are the two candidates for Attorney General and neither has practiced law in recent memory…..

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