Reader Poll: Raja Narrowly Edges Iovino To Be Next 37th District State Senator

It doesn’t get much closer than this.

With over 1,000 votes casted, PoliticsPA readers believe D. Raja should be the next state Senator.

The GOP candidate won by the PoliticsPA poll by just 9 votes.

Raja tallied 597 votes, while Iovino received 588 votes.

The closely watched state Senate race in the Pittsburgh suburbs is widely viewed as the most important race of the cycle thus far.

1,185 readers weighed in on this poll.

Reader Poll: Who should be the next state Senator for the 37th District?

  • D. Raja (50%)
  • Pam Iovino (50%)

Total Voters: 1,185

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April 1st, 2019 | Posted in Front Page Stories, Harrisburg, Poll, Top Stories | 12 Comments

12 thoughts on “Reader Poll: Raja Narrowly Edges Iovino To Be Next 37th District State Senator”

  1. Joel says:

    BYE BYE RAJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YOU’RE GOING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gomaz adams says:

    It will be close. No doubt.

    1. Zakrey Bisell says:

      Freaking genius aren’t you?

      1. Gomaz adams says:

        I am glad you noticed

      2. Jake says:

        STFU, idiot. Get a life.

        1. Gomaz adams says:

          You mad Zak…oops, I mean Jake?

    2. Pugsley Addams says:

      I would have thought that such a “respected” group as the ACG would have supplied the margin of error on their sample group. Because of small sample size, I imagine the 597 – 588 result MAY have been within the margin of error – and therefor essentially be equivocal. The bar chart below illustrates this, but this fact is not highlighted.

  3. Zakrey Bisell says:

    I am also to be winning 55% to 53%

  4. says:

    If you rag has Raja winning that translates to:

    IOVINO 57% RAJA 43%

    1. Flap Jackson says:

      Lol, k

    2. Josh says:

      Like poll numbers actually work for liberals😂😂😂 how’d that work for ya last time?

      1. Publius says:

        Pretty good- Governor Wolf, Senator Casey, and huge pickups in the state house and senate. Coming for you next, boo.

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