Reader Poll: Should Gun Laws Be Strengthened or Weakened?

GunsOn June 12th, the deadliest mass shooting in American history occurred in Orlando.

Nonetheless, the Senate didn’t successfully pass any legislation in the wake of the tragedy.

With yet another massacre caused by guns and another failed attempt to address the issue in Congress, exasperation among the pro-gun control crowd is seemingly at an all-time high.

As a result, we believe now would be the perfect time to survey our own readers on this question.

What Action Should the U.S. Government Take on Gun Laws?

  • Don’t Take Any Action (35%)
  • Weaken the Gun Laws (35%)
  • Strengthen the Gun Laws (30%)

Total Voters: 1,662

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11 Responses

  1. Good lord; would people ‘please’ actually READ the PA & Federal Gun laws before commenting on something and exposing your lack of knowledge.

    MOST people, and everyone here, have NO IDEA as to how many gun laws we now have and how many lives are destroyed by unintentional technical violations of them! IF you really took the time to see what’s on the books now you would understand the ‘BIG LIE’ of reasonable gun laws!

    Take for example one comment here about the Gun Show Loophole. This is a flat out lie! There is NO gun show loop hole in PA and I defy ANYONE to show me which section of law that creates it! That is a made up fiction from CeaseFire PA and Anti-gun nut Mike Bloomberg. I’ve got to give them credit for their craftily constructed deceit! Here in PA EVERY HANDGUN SALE has been REGISTERED through the Record of Sale form since (get this) 1931! There have been NO private sales of handguns in PA! That’s worked real well!

    Look at the comments about money from the NRA and yet these same people ignore how much money the anti-gun groups and Hollywood leftists pump into politics as well!

    How about the Washington Post article recently that gave Democrats 3 Pinocchio’s for lying about gun laws this week?

    Gun laws don’t stop crime or criminals and if we want solutions we have to ALL stop being manipulated by politicians and the media into believing in fairy tales and lies.

  2. I chose not to take the survey because it was too simplistic. A different approach would have been to ask readers which Senate proposals they liked along with the option of doing nothing.

  3. I’m a gun owner and a hunter, but there’s no reason we shouldn’t close the gun show loophole – everyone should be subject to a background check every time, no exceptions. We also need to tighten rules to prevent straw buyers. If your gun is lost or stolen, you absolutely should be required to report it – what kind of a responsible gun owner doesn’t keep his firearms safely stored or report when one goes missing? And there’s nothing wrong with requiring a license and extra scrutiny for people who want to own firearms like the TEC-9 or high capacity magazines. I’m not saying collectors and enthusiasts shouldn’t be able to have them, but something that is so easily concealable like that and has so much utility in a mass shooting should be subject to reasonable regulations the same as silencers. I’m not in favor of prohibition, but Dick Metcalf was right (even if the nutjob zealots killed his career for stating what should be incontrovertible and obvious) – our rights are all subject to reasonable regulation.

    We should be advocating for a dispassionate, rational, fact-based method of regulation that balances the public safety and the rights of responsible individuals. That necessitates the repeal of the Dickey Amendment – something Jay Dickey himself has called for. The vast majority of gun owners readily acknowledge these truths and disagree with the NRA’s absurd zealotry, but we have to be vocal or else we let the war rage between prohibitionists and the equally absurd 2nd Amendment absolutists.

  4. More than anything else, the poll shows who reads this blog, certainly not average citizens.

  5. They already pumped up the poll numbers here. More than 70% in real polls support reasonable gun control measures.

  6. So just so we’re clear here Gene, the American people really want gun control measures implemented, but it’s the “NRA beholden” politicians that continue to vote against it? Yet somehow these politicians remain in office and continue to enjoy support from their constituents?

    Hmmmm…seems as though you might just represent the vocal minority in this case buddy. If people really felt the way you claim on guns, politicians would be losing their jobs. Proof is in the results, not your speculation.

  7. Gene, this is America. Here, you don’t lose your rights just because some bureaucrat puts your name on a secret list with no way to get your name off of it. You can only have your rights taken away if a court finds you guilty of a serious crime. What you’re proposing is a modern-day form of McCarthyism… maybe you think those were the good old days, but I don’t!

  8. NRA is evil. Every person believes watch list – no gun. Our reps vote NRA not America Voters

  9. Toomey has blood on his hands, not only from Sandy Hook, where innocent children were slaughtered, but every time there is a mass shooting, Colorado, Orlando, Fort Hood, on and on. Is Toomey really who we want to make laws in favor of the NRA? How much money has he received from the NRA already? SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!Katie McGinty is not beholden to the NRA – Toomey is!

  10. Can’t wait for the NRA’s pay-per-post trolls to get here and Freep the poll numbers.

  • Will Doug Mastriano Run For U.S. Senate?

    • No. Not Enough Support From Mainstream GOP. (91%)
    • Yes. Let Doug Be Doug. (9%)

    Total Voters: 892

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