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Reader Poll: Trump Will Win GOP Primary

trumpThe Donald will take the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

That’s the belief of our readers at least, over half of which assert that Trump will win the GOP primary on April 26th.

571 readers think Trump will win.

On the other hand, 335 respondents went with Kasich while 193 readers voted for Cruz.

The full results are included below:

Who Do You Think Will Win the PA Presidential GOP Primary?

  • Donald Trump (52%)
  • John Kasich (30%)
  • Ted Cruz (18%)

Total Voters: 1,099

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6 Responses

  1. for the sake of this nation, I certainly hope our next President if not Donald Trump. I often wonder what the folks on Fox News will talk about if the next President is Republican. I believe all the talking heads have contributed to most of the mis-information about candidates. i.e. The Colorado delegate and other states delegate selection is rigged. When you run for elected office without knowing the election laws and party processes it gives you a glimpse of how this candidate will govern!!

  2. If The Donald is the nominee of the Republican Party we will loose the Senate, including our excellent U.S. Senator Pat Toomey, the most responsible, thoughtful conservative in the Senate. Mr. Trump will get beat soundly in the general election and the Democratic Party will have the Presidency, the Senate, and because of these two, we will lose a conservative, clear thinking majority on the Supreme Court. The District and Appellate Courts will get appointees who will serve for many, many years. This will further hurt American business and prosperity.

    Republicans have to re-learn that our Party is not a debating society. Our role is to nominate those who will win elections and govern effectively, with conservative principles.

    Wake up Pennsylvania Republicans and nominate a winner. Nominate John Kasich who has the experience, values, and demonstrated capability to be President of Our United States.

    Howard A. Cohen

  3. Trump will win because we’re still Pennsyltuckey in the heart of the commonwealth. Also because the GOP is now a senile hot mess incapable of nominating a serious, sensible and/or knowledgeable candidate, the Democratic nominee will sweep the general simply by not being Trump…or Republican.

    Besides, If the GOP House and Senate can’t manage a simple task like adding a Supreme Court justice, why would we want a do-nothing GOP president?

  4. Basic math tells us there is only one person who can win, Trump. Math will not allow either of the other 2. All we are doing know is spending millions on GOP fighting that should be spent anti-democrate. All we have left voting against Trump is GOP protestors. For the sake of the GOP we must unite. TBH…Trump was not my 1st choice, in fact he was my 3rd. But one guy, I changed my mind about and the other was eliminated. Please, join me in uniting behind Trump & against another term of destruction of conservative rights & expensive liberal agenda.

  • Who are you voting for in the PA Supreme Court race?

    • Dan McCaffery (61%)
    • Carolyn Carluccio (37%)
    • Still undecided (2%)

    Total Voters: 344

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