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Reader Poll: Video Gaming Terminals Should Be Used to Fill The Budget Gap

Harrisburg-Capitol-steps2The results are in, and half of our readers think that legalizing video gaming terminals (VGTs) should be used to close the budget gap in Pennsylvania.  

50% of the 38,073 respondents said video gaming terminals should be used.  32% said a severance tax, 12% said mini casinos, 6% said increased liquor privatization.  114 respondents said expanded sales tax, and 23 said borrowing (both were a small enough number to tally less than one percent).  

VGTs have already passed the House, but have met resistance in the Senate.  The casino industry has also been pushing back against the idea since the House passed their bill.


How should Pennsylvania fill the budget gap?

  • Video gaming terminals (50%)
  • Severance tax (32%)
  • Mini casinos (12%)
  • Expanded liquor privatization (6%)
  • Expanded sales tax (0%)
  • Borrowing (0%)

Total Voters: 38,085

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9 Responses

  1. Raise luxury tax, privatize liquor stores, the state has no business in the liquor business

  2. Small businesses are the bread & butter for local economies. Always was. Always will be. They contribute to their community (dollar for dollar) more than Big Biz will ever do. Casinos = Big Biz. Out of Touch. Greedy & Corrupt.

  3. There is only so many gambling dollars available. Someone will be affected.

  4. So half of PoliticsPA readership are diehard GOP, a third are Democrats, and about 20% are swing voters and independents. That’s all that poll established.

  5. I would never go to a big casino and spend money but I will support a local business! The casinos are getting greedy! The guy next door needs to make a living as well n so does PA!

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    Total Voters: 112

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