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Reader Poll: Who Should Democrats Support For Lt. Gov?

lt govThe race for lieutenant governor is heating up among Pennsylvania’s Democrats.  Since Pennsylvania is a state in which the lieutenant governor and governor run on the same ticket, the 2014 primary will decide who will represent the party.

Hot topics for this race are sure to include job creation, education, transportation, and the natural gas industry.

At one of the first major events of 2013, State Committee saw hopefuls making the rounds socializing with committee members and even handing out chocolate. There is also sure to be a fair share of politicking and gossip at county committee meetings.

Current possibilities include former US Representative Chris Carney, former US Representative Mark Critz, Harrisburg City Councilman Brad Koplinski, State Senator Daylin Leach, Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli, State Representative Brandon Neumann, and Bradford County Commissioner Mark Smith.

Who would you like to see on the ballot in 2014?  Vote below.

Who should the Democrats support for Lieutenant Governor?

  • Brad Koplinski (52%)
  • Someone else (12%)
  • Daylin Leach (8%)
  • Mark Crtiz (7%)
  • Chris Carney (6%)
  • Brandon Neumann (6%)
  • John Morganelli (6%)
  • Mark Smith (5%)

Total Voters: 1,015

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28 Responses

  1. Did he beat Twitter up as well? Using wine bottles at a private function or public display, personalised wine bottles at a special function from
    a wedding to a corporate event.

  2. Both the Gov. and Lt. Gov candidates need to oppose Marcellus Shale drilling completely to win, otherwise our movement will doom their candidacy. I’d rather finally teach the Democrats a lesson about screwing their neighbors and deal with another four years of Corbett.

  3. Not sure who this Judy person is… but Mark Critz is anti-women for sure. Now he is a lobbyist for the gas industry along with his front man Mike Mikus.

    Critz for Congress gave thousands to EIS Solutions for Mikus to run their campaign into the ground. Now time for a little old fashion pay back.

  4. Even as a Republican I can see the value that Brad K. would bring the the LG. I may not agree with all of his views but I know he will make PA better when in office.

  5. Brad Koplinski will out work all of them on the trail and will bring power to LG position. He represents central pa well, but has extensive contacts around the state. He’s a true servant leader!

  6. ” Had Jonathan won the primary 3 years ago- we wouldn’t be calling Corbett governor.”

    ^^ LOL

  7. Flashback, why would you post a victims name if that is the person. I saw that site and it looks like Critz has a lot to answer for over a lot of things. I have no idea who the person is but if it comes back that you are connected to Critz and posted the name of a victim that is confidential he will have a lot to answer for to women in any election. How would anyone know who that was? It scary that someone would do that.

  8. [Redacted] is it (pa girl and Bryan)
    Jigs up , you want to file a charge file a charge.Last time you posted Critz hate Washington County exposed you. Critz a lt gov candidate ? not sure if its something he would even consider but that he saw through your attempt to defraud the us military with bogus lawsuit is a credit to him.

  9. Brad Koplinski understands South Central PA, which is one of the fastest growing regions in the state. He is a committed progressive that is pro-choice and for gay marriage. He understands the plight of our 3rd Class Cities. Politically, he’s a strong campaigner and will out work any other candidate in the race.

  10. Jubilee73

    No… that’s on Onoratos campaign team, not on us because they didn’t do their job. They made little to no effort in the western suburban counties, and you are correct with respect to Allegheny Co. The fact they lost it is quite a feat given the registration advantage.

    They made little effort in the west and hinged their strategy on the southeast. From 2009-2011, we know depending on the southeast to deliver the votes alone isn’t the way to go, they only turn out in Presidential. Hopefully it would help if the guv is from there.

  11. It would be nice if we expanded our territory a bit. Someone from Erie County or a similarly under represented area would be awesome. I am from SEPA but we need to acknowledge that there are Democratic areas of the state outside of Philly and Pittsburgh

  12. DLT–
    Well, we may be lacking in Polish representation, but you just filled our bigotted jerk quota for this evening.

  13. Who cares about # 2? I bet Schwartz and a person from her own area like Senator Stack or Rep Boyle would beat his joker!

  14. The west is dead people. The Dems are conservative and judging by the losses in the House, Senate, Counties and Congress, we need to stop thinking that way.

  15. And how much did Onorato win overwhelmingly Allegheny County by? Regardless of who was the #2, that does nothing to diminish the fact that that the sitting Allegheny County executive didn’t win his own, overwhelmingly Democratic county. That’s all on you guys out west. It’s pretty hard to demand a seat at the table, miuch less a place on the ticket when they can’t even support their own guy for Governor. Put up or shut up.

  16. Before you knock someone from southwest… it’s also true Scott Conklin brought nothing to the ticket, whereas Saidel would have. Hence an east-west ticket would be better.

  17. The West does nothing for the ticket. Neuman is a nice guy, but he makes too many rookie mistakes (chocolate at State Committee. Bet the Union workers at Hershey loved that.) And the West at the top ticket worked so well last time. Onorato lost his own county, which is overwhelmingly Democratic. The West needs to can it with their nonsense.

  18. Neuman is the person who will win the primary. We need an east-west ticket. Brandon brings more to the table then anyone. Had Jonathan won the primary 3 years ago- we wouldn’t be calling Corbett governor. Democrats will have their act together and walk into next year with one person running for gov and lt gov. The prize is to great to play politics on 2014 race. Corbett must go before he sells Pa to the highest bidder. All the democrat King Makers know that.

  19. I think it would be best to have an east-west ticket headed into the fall. Which candidate would “bring something to the ticket” in this respect is a key question.

  20. Brad Koplinski, obvs. Brad’s one of the only state politicians willing to talk about how bad state municipal finance laws are setting older core cities up for failure. It’s rarely acknowledged that older cities are really given very few options to help themselves by the current state laws. All the issues around municipal finance need a serious overhaul, and it would be awesome if older core cities had a high profile advocate in the Lt. Governor.

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    Total Voters: 112

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