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Reader Poll: Who Should Democrats Support for Superior Court?

Waters McVay
Joe Waters (left) and Jack McVay

It’s a battle of east vs. west: Joe Waters vs. Jack McVay. Who should Democrats support for this oft-overlooked office?

McVay, of Pittsburgh, has served on the Allegheny Court of Common Pleas since 2007. He previously served as a solicitor for the county and the city.

Waters, of Philadelphia, has served as a Municipal Court judge since 2009. Previously he served 21 years as a Philly police officer.

Both recently received a rating of “Recommended” from the Pa. Bar Association. Waters is endorsed by the Pa. Democratic Party.

The sole Republican candidate is Vic Stabile, an attorney from Cumberland County.

The primary role of the Pa. Superior Court is to hear appeals from the county courts of common pleas.

Who should Democrats support for Superior Court?

  • Joe Waters (60%)
  • Jack McVay (41%)

Total Voters: 297

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7 Responses

  1. Joe Waters has lived a middle class life. He does not come from the usual family generations of lawyers. He is uniquely qualified to be Judge of Superior Court.

  2. Joe Waters is a good man and solid candidate and has a good shot at winning against Stabile. He’s a man of integrity who will bring fairness to all of his decisions, as he has for the past 5 years as a judge.

  3. A cop as a judge? Never a good idea, in all criminal cases ex parte is already accomplished.

  4. Joe Waters is my pick as well. He has been in my county and I’m from the west. Go Joe.

  5. Joe Waters hands down! His staff is hard at work – If Joe can’t be at an event, he has staff that represents him and represents him well! Go Dianne!

  6. When you run for any statewide office you better be prepared to hustle and work the entire state. Joe Waters has proven that he will do that. Not only has he worked the east, but he has been everywhere in the T. The other guy? MIA. Never saw him. Never heard from him. Nothing. That’s not how you win a statewide race. Waters is my pick, hands down.

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