Reader Poll: Who Will Be Elected to the State Supreme Court?

PA Supreme CourtWell, we’re one week out.

Election Day is just seven days away and the biggest question is what the PA Supreme Court will look like come January.

The seven member body has two vacancies and Justice Stevens is also being replaced. Meanwhile, the four other justices are split evenly by party.

This means that whichever party can win at least two out of the three open seats will hold the majority on the commonwealth’s highest court.

So dear readers, how do you see things playing out on Election Night?


Who Will Be Elected to the State Supreme Court?

  • 3 Democrats and 0 Republicans (43%)
  • 2 Democrats and 1 Republican (26%)
  • 2 Republicans and 1 Democrat (17%)
  • 3 Republicans and 0 Democrats (13%)

Total Voters: 931

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11 Responses

  1. Yeah. This poll really should have included the Independent candidate. There are more than 370,000 Independent voters in the Commonwealth. And they have a real candidate in this race.

    Dems apparently worked with Panepinto in Philadelphia and Republicans have carried him on ballots in the past.

    Now he’s wised up and wants to work for the people without one side in favor when he takes his seat.

    Totally worthy of a look. Politicspa doesn’t miss much. Missed this one:

  2. Probably Wecht, Donahue and Olson but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is Wecht, Olson, Covey. The problem for the DEM’s is they have such super majorities now in all cities in PA, large and small, that most races in these cities are uncontested by Republicans in the general election. The election is decided in the primary. This low voter turnout in the cities will hurt the DEMs statewide. Normally when Philly has a mayoral election the DEM state-wide judicial candidates do well. Voter turnout in PHILLY will be very low this time.

  3. Donohue, Dougherty, Wecht to swing our Supreme Court to Democratic control and stop #ALEC and friends.

  4. Judge Paul Panepinto is on the ballot as an Independent. He’s been “too Constitutional” to get his local GOP committee endorsements for years, so he went Independent and has a very good chance of either winning or spoiling a Republican seat. How is it that his name isn’t on this reader poll?

  5. Donohue is an unethical bigot and man-hater, so she is not fit for any court, including the one she already fouls.

  6. Olsen and Covey for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Life comes first for without life, what is the point of the rest? Women’s rights include making good decisions for living; not a license to live irresponsibly and then have to pay the price with higher probabilities for breast and thyroid cancer, stroke, blood clots, and chronic depression after abortion. How have we as a nation turned so far from goodness and natural law to think that murdering vulnerable preborn babies and selling their human body parts is lawful and deserves to be financed by our hard working tax dollars? Is this really the United States of America? Our forefathers would not recognize the place as their beloved country. Time for change!

  7. Donohue, Dougherty, Wecht will hopefully win. Olson is against women’s rights!!!! Covey is unqualified by the PBA. And George has some deep **** going on, according to the ads.

  8. If 2 Ds and 1 R, the D majority will last only until Max Baer ages out next year. 2017 will be an R year, so the Rs can take the Court back just in time to make gerrymandering even worse than it is now.

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